Thursday, May 3, 2012

#3 A Fairy Face

I planned to practice painting faces like the one I showed you on the first day but so far no luck. I was running out of time and I made a quick fairy. I needed to make her for a swap anyway, so at least that part is covered now. :)

I think you're going to see a lot of randomness on this blog this month. :) I can't think of a decent thing to say right now. So, here we go:
  • Don't wear high heels to a family gathering where there are kids because you're bound to go for a walk with them and walking in high heels down and up a hill is not very friendly to your feet
  • I just recently decided to eat gluten free food but somehow forgot to pack my own food to the said family gathering. Because I'm a vegetarian as well, my choice were pickles and onions. Consequently all I ate were pickles.
  • Do your husbands avoid family gatherings on your side of the family as well?
  • I don't think that my family apart from my parents and my grandmother even remember how he looks :))

Linking to 29 Faces challenge.

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  1. Oh she is just the sweetest little thing Natasha... and I love her fairy wings... gorgeous!!

    Jenny x

  2. Yep, my family just assumes he won't be there...and my friends think he is made up...haha!

    Random and quick are sometimes just what is needed!

    She is so cute ;)

  3. On the contrary, I usually try to avoid my husband's family gatherings... Hehas thousands of relatives, and there's always some party for someone. I'm quite a loner and don't feel comfortable among the noise made by many people gathered together. I have to bear it everyday at work.... :)
    Your fairy is wonderful! I love the way you make hair!

  4. Cute face! My husband always liked my family better than his. LOL but says we both have crazies in the family. LOL

  5. Všeč mi je ta zasanjena vila, kot tudi tvoji dobrodošli nasveti :) Sem se kar nasmejala.

  6. Lovely fairy! I often can't think of anything decent to say, then I say something indecent! Valerie

  7. oh she is super duper cute :)

  8. good advise! my husband rarely attends only when I say mandatory please! love your fairy!

  9. Oh, she's sweet ...

    ...and Yay for pickles!

  10. Always love your little fancy faces and the flowing hair :0)

  11. My husband does avoid my family gatherings. We live close to his family and far from mine so I guess that works out okay. My sister lives close and our family get together all the time, we just don't go to larger family gatherings on my side.
    I love your little fairy, she is really cute.

  12. Natasha she makes me smile. I love randomness, sometimes that is the best art.
    Can't wait to see more.

  13. Your little fairy face girl is adorable! You made me laugh about your husband! LOL! I am not married, so I can't help you out there my friend ;o)

  14. What a cute fairy!!
    Oh I don't wear heels at all, but in highschool I would go up and down 3 stories in a hurry to get to class, can't even believe it!

  15. hehe Natasha you see me grin here about the pickled thing ;)))) and I know gluten-free is a really good joice...I always have dates and nuts in my I can grab a handfull and be satisfied :)) the wings of your little fairy ♥


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