Tuesday, May 29, 2012

# 29 Angels in my Studio

I stumbled upon a debate yesterday about pretty faces that are dominating the Blogland as of late vs. ugly soulful faces and their lack of.

I had this post written addressing this issue but I deleted it. :) I'm just thankful my life is drama free and grateful I'm not attracting people like that. I like to focus on the positive so here is an angel for you all. :)

It's from the Angels in my Studio class, a lesson from Cheryl Irwin.

Linking to 29 Faces even though she doesn't have a face. :) She has a soul.

My Cotton Candy Girls On-line Workshop is now open and running. Registration will be open until end of May, so you still have time to join us. :)


  1. I don't like debates, too. I can discuss about constructive matters, but I generally try not to criticize. Art is art. It's personal. It's unique. It's the expression of what we have inside. Of how we feel. I like drawing faces and seeing others'. And they are all beautiful in a way or another.
    During my blog life I have joined many groups about different subjects. And I have often met people who pretended to know everything and do everything better, and who criticized or humiliated others. I give respect and expect respect.
    The Angels in my Studio must be a very interesting course!! Beautiful angel, Natasha!!

  2. Natasha, This angel is beautiful!! Love the effects - just looks so delicate. Would love to know how you created this - if it isn't a trade secret :) Can't believe the 29 faces has nearly come to completion. I have really enjoyed seeing all the different faces and effects that all you very clever people have been creating :) Well done....

  3. Ooow Natasha....she is soooo delicate and understated...simply beautiful :D XXX

  4. She is gorgeous Natasha... dreamy and very soulful... and love her delicate wings...

    Jenny x

  5. Beautiful angel. The thing I like about blogland is that everybody does something else, and that is good. It's important to do your own thing, and not what others expect! Valerie

  6. When people create what makes them happy surely that is a good thing(regardless of what it is). It sends out a positive message which is picked up by those who conect with the image, where's the problem?
    your angel is still beautiful even without a face because she is such a positive image, thank you for sharing her Natasha

  7. she is beautiful. . .if you remember my angel painting that the guy didnt like the first one I did- she had no real face. . . more surreal - i love yours!

  8. Beautiful work Natasha! And what a wonderful background.
    I'm very familiar with those debates. Sometimes I get the feeling that the only art being considered as "serious" art, needs to be dark and gloomy and, well, yes, ... ugly... I don't care about it. I've learned that for every kind of art there are people connecting with it. A very wise friend told me once: 1/3rd of the people will hate what you do, 1/3rd of the people will be indifferent, and 1/3rd of the people will love your work. It's just a matter of finding those people ;-)

  9. such a lovely piece~

    I love that there are no rules with art, simply create!

  10. She is gorgous, angels all around!

  11. Ooh, I like art debates. Where was this happening at? To each their own.

  12. Natasha she is beautiful! I love her! She certainly does have a soul ;o)


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