Monday, May 28, 2012

# 28 The Vampire

Stacy, from MagicLoveCrow is having a giveaway over at The Butterfly Effect.  She chose the theme of Vampires so this Dracula emerged in my art journal. :)

Today's randomness:
  • My mom and I hosted this gathering for a creative group of women on Saturday. Oh, wait! There was one man, too. :) It was really fun but clean up is a bitch. I wish I've taken photos but I couldn't show it to you anyway because some of them or most don't like having photos of them on the internet.
  • I'm still trying to figure out how to get my money from the PayPal account. They want Visa I only have Mastercard and they won't take other people's Visa it has to be in your name.
  • I love meditating.
  • I'm going strong on the gluten free diet. It sucks that so many sweets have gluten in them.
  • I caved and bought washi tape. I had to order it online so I'm not sure it's worth the money.
  • I messed up on Friday's post telling you you only have 4 days left to think about signing up for my Cotton Candy Girls class before I close the registration on the May 31st. It was 6 days. :) Now it's only 3. :)
  • Ok, Facebook, right. :) If a woman posts something all the women go: "gorgeous", "wonderful", "stunning" "♥" etc. A guy posts something and all the guys go: "this is sick, man" and "so dope, dude". :)) All positive comments of course. :)
Linking to 29 Faces.

My Cotton Candy Girls On-line Workshop is now open and running. Registration will be open until end of May, so you still have time to join us. :)


  1. Dracula is AMAZING Natasha... wow... he is totally awesome... and love your randomness... your creative gathering sounds wonderful... is your mom creative too... and hope you get the PayPal thing sorted out...

    Jenny x

  2. great vampire Natasha, love his teeth and pointy ears, he looks pretty scary but very cool

  3. Well, this gorgeous Vampire looks sick, Dudette! Must be hard living with such long teeth! Can't you get the paypal money transferred to your account? If not, go mad, spend it! Have a good day! Valerie

  4. Am lovin your Vampire Natasha!!!(Valerie beat me to the sick dudette line lol) :D XXX

  5. hilariuos! did I spell that right?!

  6. Great! You managed to make him look real scary!

  7. Your Dracula is wonderfully sick, girl! lol

    A group of creative women and one man, yay!

  8. Wonderful work on the vampire. Scary.

    Paypal used to have a check option for sending you your funds. Or I think you can have them debit it to straight to your checking account. Although that may have changed since the last time I needed cash back from them.

  9. I love your vampire Natasha ;o) Fantastic! I can't wait to see everyone else's! Glad you had so much fun at your creative group ;o) One guy, exciting! LOL! I was laughing about your comments on Facebook!

  10. I HAD to show this to my hubby. He is a big Dracula fan and he loved it. I love it because it is Dracula as we remember instead of the over romanticized vampire we are seeing lately.

  11. such a wonderful dracula! Awesome really!

    loved reading your random list.
    i will send you a blog link to a mostly gluten free blog. They have some awesome desert recipes!

    I am 2/3rd the way through my first piece with your class and loving it. thank you!

  12. A great Dracula! I liked your randomness about the comments men make. A lot of men think I'm a man because of my name (Geri)...They will send me comments like "that is really bad-ass dude" or "Hey buddy, I really like your art". They always are shocked to find out I'm a 57 year old grandmother!

  13. What a fun post! You're right about men and women FB posts!! :)
    Your vampire looks like Bela Lugosi at his best! :)

  14. Awesome Dracula....looks like he means business!

    A creative gathering sounds like so much fun! Maybe we can Skype an art date sometime :)

  15. he is hillarious !!! so creepy and I am in love with his ears ;)))

  16. This guy should see a dentist!

    Tee Hee - great Dracula portrait. He looks very sinister (and a little sad... perhaps he is thirsty!)

  17. Love your vampire!!!

  18. I love this guy!

    We found some gluten free oreos that look and taste just like the real thing, we get them at wegmans here but i think they're online as well. Good luck with the search for sweets!

  19. he almost looks like he's perturbed. Great work!

  20. I am SOOOOOOO late getting here but thank goodness I made it - I love your classic vampire - too cool & a very refined Drac :)


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