Wednesday, May 23, 2012

#23 Face and Goddess # 12

This week's pick for 13 Goddesses challenge is from Australian or Polynesian culture. I chose Hawaiian Goddess Pele. She is the goddess of fire, lightning, wind, and volcanoes known as the Earth-Eating Woman and also as She-Who-Shapes-The-Sacred-Land.

According to Hawaiian historian David Malo in his book "Hawaiian Antiquities," in old Hawai'i, some gods and goddesses, including Pele, were believed to be akua noho, gods who talked. They could take possession of an earthly being, who became the god's kahu.

Malo writes, "The kahu of the Pele deities also were in the habit of dressing their hair in such a way as to make it stand out at great length, then, having inflamed and reddened their eyes, they went about begging for any articles they took a fancy to, making the threat, 'If you don't grant this request, Pele will devour you.' Many people were imposed upon in this manner, fearing Pele might actually consume them."

And I'm combining this goddess with 29 Faces challenge.

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  1. Beautiful one!! I like Hawaiian myths. She was my first choice. :))

  2. Wow! She is a powerful looking Goddess! Looks like she is rising from the lava! :D XXX

  3. Lovely painting and story! Valerie

  4. Goddess Pele is divine Natasha... I love her stance... and her story... not to mention the awesome way that you drew fire into her hair and dress... that is wonderful!!!

    Jenny x

  5. Ooooh--I like her (that coordinating hair and dress!) and the story behind her.

  6. She truly is a magnificent goddess!! Love her :)

  7. Love this beautiful Pele!!!! But how come you didn't do the Aussie goddess of Ugg boots or Barbecues... she has so much class ;)

  8. Oh how gorgeous... she is stunning
    Chris x

  9. Love the flame look hair and dress and the coloured splatter look like sparks coming off her as she dances. It's been really interesting learning about all these Goddesses, stuff I didnt know before (they say you learn something new every day!)
    Anyway Natasha, she's fab and is looking... 'Hot'

  10. Hi Natasha!

    Love your Goddess Pele and I am a big fan og mythology :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    p.s. I love your style!

  11. A friend of mine visited the lava beds in Hawaii many years ago and was told by an old woman that Pele adores offerings of green glass.....he just happened to have a bottle in his pack that he hadn't thrown away yet and when he pulled it out and looked up...she was gone. He insists that it was Pele herself.
    ...and yes, he did leave her the bottle :)

    I love your interpretation!

  12. love the movement in this piece!
    Wonderful fiery goddess.

  13. I love this. I was in Maui in March and I was in love with the local folklore and myths.

  14. She is a powerful and beautiful Goddess! Great work! One more to go ;o)

  15. Oooo your goddess is so beautiful and looks so alive. She is definitely a goddess who has a handle on her power!

  16. Gorgeous! Pele is one of my most very favorite goddesses!

  17. WOW!!!
    This is fantastic. What a great goddess. :]
    The colors you used are great and I really like how you created the background.
    Well thought out. Really enjoyed visiting here today!!
    Thank you for sharing your talents with me.
    Take care.

  18. love her "fire"...she is a real goddess...powerful and hot!!


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