Tuesday, May 22, 2012

# 22 Sweet

Hey guys! You are really funny! :) Lol! You cracked me up with yesterday's comments. :)

So, this post has nothing to do with the painting. :)) I have nothing to say about it except that they are sweet.

Just now while I was sitting here at the computer figuring out what to say to you, my dog came over and hit me in the face. WTF? But she did give me something to write about. So there. :)
Ok, don't get me wrong. She is a sweetheart. Don't go around saying I'm being abused by my dog. Lol! 

She gets very excited by pretty much everything and then she starts jumping. And if she can reach you, she can slap you. :))

Do you have crazy pets, too? Or kids? Tell me stories about them. :)

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My Cotton Candy Girls On-line Workshop is now open and running. Registration will be open until end of May, so you still have time to join us. :) Go to CCG Flickr group to see student art from the class.


  1. Love your sweet faces! I don't have any pets any more, which is sad, but I did manage to hit myself in the face yesterday, while trying to pull a piece of sticky tape off the floor - the rest I leave to your imagination....Valerie

  2. Anonymous22 May, 2012

    just the right title, SWEET.
    Great talent NatashaMay! You are really good on faces!

  3. What a lovely couple, they are very sweet Natasha. I dont have any pets but I do have a son who believes that he is Dr. Who and insists on being called 'the doctor', he has a toy sonic screwdriver that he takes everywhere, even to bed! and tells people usually at bus stops (captive audience) all about his TARDIS! Isnt it great to be 4

  4. Oh they are gorgeous Natasha... very beautiful... late last year my hubby was heading over on a holiday to Cambodia... he was getting excited... and one night... after a few drinks I might add... he asked me to video him singing... I'm leaving on a jet plane... and doing the actions of a plane flying... anyways he wanted me to upload it to facebook... but I couldn't get it to load... the next morning when he woke up... he said I'm so glad that video wouldn't load... well... that was until he turned on the computer to a ton of comments... my daughter said the grand kids just kept playing it over and over... yes he is a bit crazy sometimes :))

    Jenny x

  5. Your painting is so sweet! I have a mini aussie so I don't get slapped, she has no tail...poor thing. ;) She's always by my side tho.

  6. this is a lovely piece
    overflowing with feeling

  7. This looks absolutely beautiful. I am not great with faces...

  8. Love your faces Natasha, Sweet is definitely a good title for this one.

    My cat Rosie sits on the arms of the chesterfield, I get quite excited when I watch hockey, being Canadian we love our hockey. Anyways when my team scores I jump up or yell or whatever, if she is sitting on the end where I sit on the arm, she looks at me and hisses as if to say, shut up. She often hisses when she is mad at me, my husband can't do enough for her but me, I am low on the family list here. Too funny our little creatures are.
    Thanks for dropping by...

  9. what a joyful and happy expression... I can feel the love flowing ♥

  10. Natasha you are too cute for words ;o) I love coming to your blog ;o) Your couple is very sweet ;o)Sorry, no kids or pets ;o( I miss my Falco, he was my cat ;o) I have to get one soon ;o) Your dog must love you big time ;o) LOL!

  11. Awww... these are fantastic.
    Such wonderful faces, love your work! :]
    "sweet" is perfect.


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