Wednesday, May 16, 2012

#16 Face and Goddess # 11

Today I'm showing you an African Goddess Oshun for 13 Goddesses challenge. The goddess of love, sexuality, beauty and diplomacy. She's a river goddess of fertility and healing in Nigeria (Oshun tribe).

She is the owner of sweet waters. With her sweetness, she overcomes the most difficult tasks. She is the protector of the abdominal area and the teacher of pleasure and happiness. She is a great giver, but when she is angry, it is very difficult to calm her down. She is often invoked in matters of love and money.

Oshun, like the other Orisha (deity), has a number five associated with her, a color yellow or amber; and a metal gold or bronze. The peacock and the vulture are sacred to her. Offerings to Oshun include sweet things such as honey, mead, white wine, oranges, sweets, or pumpkins, as well as perfume.

I'm combining this goddess with 29 Faces challenge.

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  1. Beautiful work! We are almost over. I'm really happy with this challenge. :)

  2. Oshun is beautiful Natasha... I don't think I would like to mess with her when she was angry though... she is lovely...

    Jenny x

  3. She is beautiful, but her expression says 'don't tangle with me'. Great painting! Valerie

  4. Great work natasha, love your Goddesses. and the story about her.

  5. beautiful, and interesting. I should really learn about african mythology and religions.

  6. Wow she is beautiful Natasha!!! :D XXX

  7. she looks beautiful in her yellow dress...and I think she like what she see ;)

  8. She is one strong and powerful looking Goddess! I really like her Natasha ;o)


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