Tuesday, May 15, 2012

# 15 Judge me not

How are you all doing today? :)

Well, in the past couple of weeks I found myself drawn to spiritual stuff or should I say soul searching. And I had this little light bulb moment about judging.

I try not to judge because it's really not my place and I don't know the reason behind somebody's actions or reactions. And whenever I catch myself passing judgement I try to put myself in their shoes to make myself see their perspective.

But judgements can be very sneaky. They sneak up on you. Little things like "what the heck possessed her to wear that skirt?" or "Who would buy that?!". You know, little innocent stuff. Except they are not so innocent.

Judgement is a negative energy that blocks your own growth. By judging others we're actually limiting our own options. We're putting things inside these little boxes of how things should be and with that we're boxing in ourselves and creating negative space.

And we all know negative energy is a source for illness. So, I'm really trying to be aware of my thoughts. It's hard but I'm trying. :)

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  1. I think if everyone just TRIED, it would be a nicer place :)

    Your girlie is gorgeous! Her face is just soooo pretty!

  2. Beautiful girl. Cissie will be very envious of her hair! Valerie

  3. What a beauty, The glance over the shoulder and her purple hair.
    You are right about judgement, it is very sneaky but I try to be vigilant. "Do unto others what you would have them do unto you"
    Thank you so much for the muffin receipe Natasha. I havent made them yet but will be on to it very soon.

  4. Great post. I need to read this everyday. Those little comments add up throughout the day - you are right about the energy it creates for yourself! love the lady!

  5. She is beautiful Natasha... love the way she is looking back... fabulous post... and oh so true...

    Jenny x

  6. I couldn't agree with you more about the judging thing--also how it's hard not to--it's somthing you have to be aware of all the time (not to do it!).
    ....and your girl is awesome!!

  7. Great post! You are so right, it is hard not to judge, and your post is a very timely reminder! I think though we often judge ourselves hardest of all. (so don't beat yourself up!)

    Great image - I am really enjoying your 29 faces x

  8. Her posture and expression go really well with the non-judgmental sentiment. Well done!

  9. Hi Natasha. Great drawing. I so agree with you on judging others. I am a huge believer that it is not our place to judge but he Lord's.
    Hope you are well, I have been absent for a couple of months but I am back now.
    Hugs and blessings

  10. Oh, I just love this face....and I so appreciated your writing about judgement, I catch myself doing the same and your blog post was a wonderful reminder of how negative it is! xo

  11. ohh what a beautilishious face and you are doing so well with her hair!!! and yes "not jugdeing" is a real big challenge ;) and I am in as well !!

  12. Ce visage est très lumineux. Profitez bien de vos 29 visages

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. wonderful thoughts about judgement, thank you.

    love this piece, such a beauty.

  15. Great way to be, I try not to judge but sometimes a bitchy comment may accidentally slip from my lips... & then I quickly apologise... often it's about my mother-in-law (whoops)... I love this post, stay positive, it does make us feel happier & healthier & keeps us nicer to live with :)

  16. I am happier with myself when i judge others less, i agree not always easy but worth striving for! Wonderful purple haired lady!

  17. Inspirational message...a lot of wisdom in this post. Sometimes we catch ourselves judging and that's when we need to nip it in the bud! Great reminder. :)

    Lovely image, too. Beautiful!

  18. My friend, I love your girl! I love her look and her hair! I try not to judge either and if people judge me, I walk away, if it's on the computer, I take it as is and burn some sage, get rid of all the negative energy! Stay positive and keep on smiling ;o)

  19. Beautiful post and I love the beauty you painted too!!


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