Saturday, May 12, 2012

#12 Red Giraffe

Welcome to my blog Saturday Peeps! Whatcha all doin'? :)

It's a randomness kind of day today. :)
  • Isn't technology supposed to make it easier for us? I mean, I solve one problem with my computer and another one appears. I finally figured it out what caused the lagging. It was one freakish program that I didn't even want to install but it got on my computer somehow and then it wouldn't uninstall. Freaking things! Luckily I have Uncle Google to find solutions to all my problems. :)
  • I'm tired of feeling responsible for things that are out of my control. I just don't know how to get rid of this feeling. I'm talking about mail. :)
  • I made gluten free and dairy free strawberry muffins with raisins soaked in rum the other day. :) They were delish!
  • "e" on my keyboard is not working right and I have to keep checking the spelling. Do you even know how many "the"-s I write??
  • It's supposedly going to snow tomorrow.
  • Yeah, the girl in the picture has a freakishly long neck. Whatever. I used acrylics to paint her and I'm not sure I like it. And don't look at her left eye either. :)
  • You got the giraffe part now, didn't you?! :)

Linking to 29 Faces.

My Cotton Candy Girls On-line Workshop is now open and running. Only 25 $. Registration will be open until end of May, so you still have time to join us. :)


  1. Random posts are among my favorites! I like giraffe girl....she reminds me of Jane Davenport a bit :)

  2. Love the random post! Sounds like my day yesterday. I like Giraffe girl too.

  3. I can relate to the weight of feeling responsible for things we really have no control of... It is so hard to let go of that sense of responsibility though...Enjoying your drawings :-D

  4. I have struggled with that too, but if you really think about it what makes us think we can control things that we can't? Once you really look at that, it's easier to surrender it . By the way I love her eyes - both of them!

  5. I love her, one of my favorites!!!!

  6. She is beautiful. Wonderful art.

  7. i love the random posts, and the face.

    Fabulous lessons so far on Cotton Candy girls, I havent time to start mine yet, but I am saving them for as soon as I have time. x

  8. She is lovely Natasha... a long necked beauty... your muffins sound delish... and whilst I don't think we will get snow... it is beginning to feel cold enough that we could:))

    Jenny x

  9. Hey Natasha, when computers act up, I walk away for a while. Seems to help sometimes.
    I love your giraffe neck girl, her green eyes are so mysterious.
    Muffins sound good.
    Take care and thanks for dropping by..

  10. Love you girl, she is beautiful. I always think a long neck looks elegant!Please post the recipe for you muffins, they sound yummy

  11. I like your girl Natasha! I think she is freaky looking ;o) Your muffins sound yummy!! I promise to write soon! LOL! Still catching up on everything ;o) Take Care and have a great day! Oh, Snow??????? I hope not!!

  12. I think she looks intriguing ...


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