Sunday, April 22, 2012

Salut from Romania and Happy Earth Day

Dear Mrs. Tiggy,

I'm writing to you from Transylvania, the home town of Count Dracula and vampires. I'm enjoying touring around the castles but won't get around to all of them since there are so many.

I wanted to send you a postcard of Dracula since I know it's your favorite movie but I chose Tristan Tzara instead because he is after all your favorite performance artist from the Dada movement. :)

xoxo, Mr. Black

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P.S. On the postcard front is Tristan Tzara as portrayed by  David Baldinger.

And now for the Earth Day celebration.:) I mentioned on Friday I was gonna post a list of stuff I'm doing to help preserve our environment and to get some tips and trick from all of you, if you're willing to share. :)

Here's my list. Ok I'm gonna write in plural since the whole family is doing it:
* We recycle. It's practically impossible not to since every house has its own recycling bin for plastic and a separate one for other garbage. We have larger recycling bins in the neighborhood for glass and paper as well. And since we have a yard and a compost, we compost organic stuff.
* We use alcohol vinegar as a fabric softener. It doesn't smell I promise. :)
* We use reusable shopping bags from natural or recycled materials.
* We dispose batteries at shopping centers where they have bins especially for batteries.
* We take showers not baths. It's said to use less water but I'm not that sure. But I prefer a shower anyway.
* We rarely buy milk from a store. I don't drink milk (here is why) but the rest of the family does and we get it fresh from a local farmer. We use reusable 5 or 10 liter container and that makes less garbage to recycle.
* I reuse any kind of cardboard packaging to package my own art to send through the mail.
* We always have use for shoe boxes, so we never throw those away.
* There's always use for glass containers as well. To store pasta, nuts, sugar, buttons, . . . Or my mom reuses them when pickling vegetables.
* We used to buy this eco-friendly, bio-degradable dish detergent and hand soap but the line has been discontinued and I can't find any other brand in our country.
* But we do buy those big refills of hand soap. I don't know if that helps with decreasing garbage but it feels like it.
* And we use energy saving light bulbs. They are becoming mandatory in our country so you can't really get any other kind.

I can't think of anything else right now. I wish I could say we're walking or riding a bike to the store or to work but we live on a hill in the middle of forest and I'm sorry to say we need a car to take us back to the civilization. :)

For tips I only have one thing:
* Put orange peels in a bottle with vinegar and water to use it as a household cleaner. There are many recipes on the net here is one of them.

If you have any tips and trick or your list to share, please feel free to do so in the comments or link me your blog post. I would love to learn about some eco-friendly art tips as well. :)

Have a fab Earth Day! :)

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  1. great card..

    we recycle too, plastic,glass,cardboard,tins,newspapers/magazines/junk mail.

    I take ink cartridges and batteries to a store where they are collected.

    I take my own bags when shopping.

    I buy washing powder, washing up liquid, softener, toilet cleaner,surface cleaner all in large containers from an eco friendly company. I then pour them into smaller containers to use them.

    i dont buy cut flowers, as the carbon footprint to import them is huge.

    My milk is delivered in glass bottles that are taken away and reused.

    I reuse padded envelopes.

    I donate old clothes to charity shops.

    I reuse glass jars for storage in my craft room.

    i take showers.

    I use energy saving lightbulbs.

    all my kitchen 'white' goods such as washer,dryer,fridge/freezer etc are 'A' rated which means they are as enviromentally friendly as possible.

    we probably do other stuff too that I can't think of right now.

  2. Great art (he makes me smile).
    I love to reuse and repurpose and I hate waste.

  3. Love your postcard Natasha... fab hair style... and wonderful Earth Day tips... it is amazing what we can do when we put our mind to it... I'm right with you...

    Jenny x

  4. On the Earth Day subject (here's some of mine):
    *I make my own vinegar. Lot's of vid's and tutorials on the web. I clean with vinegar, eat it, disinfect...
    *Make cloth napkins. Cut up old clothing for cleaning rags.
    *add water to dish soap, it lasts longer.
    *Mill my own flour from wheat berries and make my own bread from sourdough starter.
    *walk and bike everywhere and use public transport.
    *run washing machine and dryer during night or weekends.
    *buy seasonal vegetable and fruits, and purchase as much as I can in my close environment.
    *pick up garbage without anyone seeing...shhh, it's a secret.
    *pick up cigarette buts
    *donate old shoes to Nike (they recycle the soles for gym floors and other things)
    *save old pens and donate them to the Pen Guy, who is decorating a car with them (google him, he's a fun dude).
    *organize old media...tapes, cds, etc and send them to a place who specializes in recycling media.
    Honestly, I could go on...making my own beauty products, soap, cooking from scratch always....blessed are we who can think like this...and act like this...thanks for the reminder.

  5. Love your postcard! I am an aid recycler, and can't bear to throw things away which can be used again, and many things can be used for art, too, which helps save money! Valerie

  6. Love your Vampire, he would make a wonderful stamp :D and Happy Earth Day :D
    I do all the same stuff to, except we don't have many cows for fresh milk in the city :D(though I am seriously wanting my own chickens)XXX

  7. Happy Earth Day Natasha---you are treating her well, and we try to do our best here in our home too.
    .....and I like Mr. Black's taste--I'm pretty fond of vampires myself...

  8. Great postcard, love the expression on his face :o)

    We recycle everything we can and I LOVE to upcycle and reuse in my artwork. THAT makes me happy.

  9. Hi,
    thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting, I'm loving your dracula art! It must be very cool to be in Transylvania.
    Hope to see you for both MY APR and Inspiration Avenue's Postcard swap, starting tomorrow!!
    Jenn of
    (IA member)

  10. Super postcard and well done on the recycling. We are avid recyclers too. As well as the usual stuff.I make my own compost and we have a special green cone in the garden for cooked food. Special as it keeps flies out and in, does not smell so does not attract vermin. it eventually rots away and the liquid seeps into the soil providing nutrients.
    Jen x

  11. Great post Natasha! I have to admit, I do a lot of things you do ;o) Yeh ;o) I watched the video about the milk. Makes a lot of sense to me. I know when I stay away from milk or milk products, I do feel alot better ;o) Love your postcard and the story ;o) Take Care ;o)
    Oh, in the summer, we put our coffee grinds and tea into the earth ;o) We also save our egg shells and grind them up and put them back to the earth.

  12. Your card is terrific! We do lots of things as well and are trying to do more all the time. I thought baths were less wasteful. Good to know that showers are because that's what we take almost all the time. Happy belated earth day!

  13. Super postcard - so stylish and chic! We try to recycle everything. Our two German Shepherd dogs eat almost everything we cannot and we have a wood burning stove. Bottles, tins etc go in the coloured bins provided by the council. We must all do what we can.

    Janet xx

  14. Your vampire is so cute. And that hair, well totally cool! We recyle as much as we possibly can. We take the recycling to our town "dump" each week. They have the recycle shed where you can drop off unwanted but usable things and take something from there as well at no cost. People in our town do some really creative recyling through stuff they get from there. I think we should hold an art show with all the stuff people make.

  15. Your vampire is soooo cute. A xx

  16. I love your Dracula, he's so cute! ♥ Great card!

    Happy to read I'm not the only one making compost, recycling, walking and biking, using stupid light bulbs which take three minutes before the light really works and so on... Yay to Mother Earth!!! :)

  17. I try to recycle as I can. Here in Italy we don't have a good recycling system, as you can see while listening to Neaples garbage alert news.... For Earth Day I planted some vegetables. I hope I'll be able to grow them!! :)
    Great postcard, Natasha!

  18. Blood Blood I must have ze blood....

  19. Oops, don't know what came over me there.... Oh hello handsome stranger with pointy teeth....


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