Monday, April 9, 2012


I love bright colors as you might have noticed from my art. :) And rainbows are my fave at the moment.

I'm giving away this painting over at The Butterfly Effect. You don't have to follow the challenge if you don't want to, just link whatever to enter the drawing. You have until sometime Saturday to do so. :)

BTW we have snow here. How's your weather on this fine Easter Monday?

And check this out! :)

Registration for my Cotton Candy Girls On-line Workshop is now open. Click on the banner to take you there. :) Check out my GIVEAWAY to win a free spot on my e-course.


  1. Oh I lover her rainbow hair!
    Great video :D

  2. I love your little girl with her pretty rainbow hair Natasha... and awesome video...

    Jenny x

  3. Loving her rainbow hair. Annette x

  4. YOur art really is amazing. I love that hair!!!

  5. I love your recognizable style and pretty faces! The video was sure fun to watch, too!

  6. Love her hair, wished mine looked like that! Valerie

  7. Natasha I love your you tube video! Fantastic! And, your new little rainbow girl is adorable! We are suppose to get light snow flurries tomorrow! The nights have been freezing! Hope you had a great Easter ;o)

  8. Rainbowitis ! Love her, love her hair, love colours, love rainbows, what can I say more ! All Together Now ! She is wonderful Natasha xoxo

  9. Her hair is just fabulous!!! And what a great video you created for your class!!! :)


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