Sunday, April 8, 2012

Hello from Singapore

Dear Mrs. Tiggy,

Hello from Singapore. :) I am having so much fun here. The only downside is all the fines. Everywhere you turn there is a sign forbidding something and a fine you pay if you don’t obey. 

There’s a 1000 $ fine if you ride a bike where you’re not supposed to, smoke where it’s forbidden or litter on the street. 

What gets me is that I can’t piss in the bushes without getting a 500 $ fine. What’s up with that? Where am I supposed to go?

xoxo Mr. Black

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  1. Natasha, I am still laughing! LOL! Have a great day my friend ;o)

  2. Nice card. They really are strict over there! Valerie

  3. Ah that's too funny. I wonder if they have special animal public conveniences!

    We have a hose pipe ban in the area of the UK I live in. Yes, that's the UK... and it's only Spring!

  4. heeeheee hillarious! how crazy is that?!

  5. another fun postcard, love the colour and painting, and the comments on the back, very funny.....

  6. Too funny!!! Maybe it doesn't count when you bury it nicely??? :)

  7. Like your card! poor Mr Black!! M

  8. Roland Poland would understand Mr. Black's dilemma. Lovely postcard and super story.


  9. Very striking postcard,super. Been away so a rather belated Happy Easter to you.
    Jen x


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