Monday, March 19, 2012

It's in the eyes

Don't you just love her?! :))) I call her Rainbow. It's hard to imagine, why, right?! :)

Let's talk random today, shall we?!
* I love spelt bread
* I love peanut butter and banana on spelt bread
* I love Zen Chai, I drink probably around 10 cups a day
* I pee a lot :)
* I have finally figured out how to post photos to facebook from my phone
* Here's the first photo I posted
My big pooch Karma on a killer leash :)
 *It's an old photo. You can tell by looking at her now. She gained some weight over the winter and earned herself a diet. :)
* I have a thing lately for green eyes and red hair for some odd reason
* Here's one on the theme of eyes. :) I'm allergic to some shit as of last year. I have never been allergic to anything my whole life but all of a sudden my eyes started itching.  Like in February. WTF blooms in February?? It's still snow outside and -15°C!

Now I'm on "the pill". I really try to avoid taking it so I take it when I really have problems with my eyes and it feels like I wanna scratch them out.
* So now I'm walking around with bloody eyes and dark circles around my eyes as if someone beat the shit out of me

How about you? What's your randomness today? :)

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  1. Love your rainbow, but sorry about the itchy eyes! Valerie

  2. LOVE Rainbow!
    .....and what's my randomness??? I can't wait until this wedding thing of my daughter's is over with--I am definitely not your typical "Mother of the Bride"--I don't enjoy this

  3. Rainbow is beautiful!!! Itchy eyes are no fun at allergies always start in February too. It the trees that start waking up and throwing off gases is what my allergist told me.

  4. I LOVE her eyes....warm and dreamy!! Green eyes and red hair are one of my most favorite combos!

    Karma sure is a cutie....though, I'm sorry you are feeling not so cute right about now.

    I am currently sitting here with Auburn hair dye on my hair with a plastic shopping bag clipped over it all while I wait for the timer to go ....*buzz*
    ...oops...there it goes....gotta go rinse!


  5. Just love your pretty faces.

  6. hey itchy eyes.

    i bet your tea is decaf because you don't seem wired. i pee a lot too.

    i wasn't good at being on the pill.

    i never remembered to take it and now i have 2 kids.


  7. Prav simpatična je in res lepo gleda.
    Ti s krvavimi učki pa verjetno malo manj :) Držim pesti, da čimprej mine :)

  8. She's so gorgeous -- and enjoy your 'random speak' so much. (chuckles to self) hugs, donna

  9. Love your Raimbow.. she's beautiful.. and thank you for your random speak..
    So for today mine will be ... you know what.. I eat to much chocolate :s...

  10. I love Rainbow ;o) She is really sweet ;o) You made me laugh about peeing a lot! Me too! I love green tea and drink tones of it! Sorry about the itchy eyes! They say your body changes every 10 years for allergies! Happy Spring my friend ;o) The stars are out bright tonight ;o)

  11. Rainbow is a real nice one :) love her ringed-dress...

    I am on the pill since years and go off of it proudly the first time since november last year YAYYY!! But since two weeks some days I need one too... crazy allergies!!!

    I am in the "sloooooow-internet-zone" of my mothers home and she takes all my time, because she sooooo love to have me around, so I am totally off of art and I CAN´T WAIT TO FLING THE PAINT AGAIN when I come home on sunday ;)

  12. Wonderful eyes on her and i DO love rainbow backgrounds! Great random tidbits of info as well!


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