Tuesday, February 21, 2012

All My Children, eeee, I mean Pets :)

My fur Babies! :)
A brilliant idea to use watercolors on ordinary paper. Gives you texture in wrinkly kind of way. :)
The Big Cat is Charlie Da Gangster. That’s his typical pose. Staring at something only he sees. :) Yes, he is white with blue eyes and deaf.

In front of him is the Small Dog Kika in her typical pose as well. Her leg lifted when you’re approaching. It’s either to roll herself over on the back to get a belly rub or to randomly scratch herself. It’s somewhat of her nervous tick I guess. It got much better since I got her but at the beginning she was scratching herself nonstop. And it wasn’t the fleas or allergies. It’s just how she copes in stressful situations.

Next is my second favorite Little Lolita. :) We call her Lola. She’s little shy around strangers and unfamiliar noises. She’s also very vocal and can say “mama”. :)

On top of the kitty pile is Gizmo and below him his sister Ajda. They came out of the same mama. Can you believe it? :) That’s their typical pose as well. They are the most spoiled and most dependant on humans. They seek people’s company all the time.

Behind them is the Black Alpha Cat, my all time favorite Roadie. She’s not afraid of anything except the vacuum cleaner. :) But they all run and hide when vacuum cleaner comes out of the storage. She and Murphy next to her on the right are the oldest of the bunch. 11 years in April.

Murphy is the silver tabby and she really does have an M on her forehead. :) She likes Karma, the Big Dog and likes to rub against her.

All of my cats except the Small Cat Bolha are bigger than my Small Dog Kika. Bolha is weird. She prefers dogs over cats and humans. She loves Karma and you’ll probably find her somewhere around her or on top of her. :)

And then there’s Karma, my Big Dog. She’s not really that big but she’s the biggest of the bunch.

On the wall is a “painting” of my beloved Kana who died 2 years ago. She’s my favorite, too. :)

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  1. And what a beautiful family you have Natasa :D That is a lovely picture, and needs framing wrinkley or not lol :D XXX

  2. Love all your Kids!! Great picture! Valerie

  3. Had to hang onto my socks, 'cause this nearly knocked them off, Natasha. Your talent is really showing and this is very very cool. hugs, Donna

  4. Oh I loved seing all the kids together. What a nice rendition you did. Fabulous!

  5. Love your family, and all of their different personalities. Don't you love how quirky pets are--they're so fun!

  6. I love this!! And you were right the first time - they are furry children and every bit as much family members as humans, in my humble opinion!! You have soooo many of them - I'm jealous!! How do you cope when you're out at work? If I didn't have to work I think I may fill the house if my husband would let me!
    My boy dog does the leg pedal (as we call it) too - he does it at the same time as licking the air - both of which are calming signals although he does them when he's sitting on my knee and relaxed so am not sure what that's about!!
    Anyway, this is lovely - such a fabulous family you have!

  7. What a fabulous furry family you have!! And great that you now have a family portrait.


  8. btw i've nominated you for a versatile blogger award. check out my blog for the details!

  9. This is so special Natasha! It actually made me cry ;o) I miss all the pets that I have had and now are gone. I haven't had a pet in awhile and I really miss not having one! I hope you frame this! I truly love this painting!

  10. I love this portrait of your beautiful furry family!!!! :) What a special way to remember them (and also assemble them all together). You did such a lovely lovely job!

  11. My goodness you have lots of pet children! The cats all get along? I love the family portrait. It's very sweet.

  12. WOW! They're a lot!!!
    I have 4 cats: Shy, Cream, Babe and Leon. Unfortunately I have developed an allergy for dog hair.... I love dogs too...

  13. super čredica in verjamem, da popestri življenje :)

  14. What an amazing painting of your cozy family...they are all huggable ✿◕ ‿ ◕✿especcialy I like small dog and Murphy :-)

  15. Your furry kids sound just like...well, human kids! I loved hearing about their personalities and quirks.

    Having a drawing of them all together is just superb....a keeper in my opinion :D

  16. Lovely lovely fur babies. Give them all a tickle behind the ears from me - especially Roadie because she looks just like my Mac.


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