Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Woodland creatures

We have a guest post over at The Butterfly Effect. The lovely and talented Cameron suggested the theme in the woods. Here are my owls. :) 
Do you know the feeling when there is so much going on that you don’t know where to start so you don’t? :) I’m kind of feeling it right now.

There are so many workshops starting and challenges and ATC swaps & trades that I feel like I should be on top of it but I’m not, so I’m feeling a little overwhelmed. I already had to withdraw from one swap and decided not to join in on one challenge.

I made like 16 ATC’s in past couple of days and have 4 more to go but I’m not feeling them so I’m stuck. I know I want to do one particular mail art trade but I don’t know when I’ll be able to paint something.

And I’m fresh out of moleskine journals. I have a smaller one but it kind of feels too small. I’ll have to try it out to see if I’m comfortable drawing in it.

Other than that, I’m doing fine. :)


  1. First off.....beautiful owls, Natasha!!! Love, love 'em!!!

    Secondly, Maggie and I shared a green smoothie this morning....I raised my glass to you :)

    I know how you feel....a bit overwhelmed.....we've been waiting for the Holidays to subside to "get started" and it feels like the gun went off and we're losing the race....
    I haven't joined anything new for this very reason...I want to keep things slow and easy for a bit :)

    Thanks so much for playing along with the Woodland Theme! Again, these owls are gorgeous!


  2. Whoo...whoo! Fabulous owls Natasha :D I had that feeling towards the end of last year, that's when I stopped making stuff for challenges. Now I just make stuff for me :D, and I make my own books to work in so they are a size I like :D XXX

  3. Love the owls. It's easy to take on too many swaps and challenges, but sometimes we need time for ourselves! Valerie

  4. hey Natasha

    Happy New Year! Loving these owls they are quite different from your usual style but just as beautiful :0) I know exactly how you feel at the moment I've got so much going on plus the boys are on summer holidays I don't know where to start. i've decided that this year I want to do some study as my youngest starts full time school. I know I want it to be creative but not sure where to start. I'm thinking of starting with a short course in cartooning and getting back to work on my illustrations. I collaborated with a cousin on a childrens book a couple of years ago but my art wasn't ready so want to redo it this year I think. So many plans for 2012 but I just need to find the time! Phew!! :0)


  5. These owls are adorable.

    I know how you feel about feeling swamped. I'm having to limit some of my art challenges as trying to fit them in around the day job makes me stressed and that defeats the purpose!!

  6. Natasha, I love your owls and I know how you are feeling! Just breathe my friend and only do what you can do! Stress is not good!!

  7. Love these owls!! So cute!! And I know how you feel! So much going on and having trouble focusing! Just pick one thing at a time, no stress! :)

  8. wonderful owls!!!!

    That's how i felt soooo much before the holidays, and am still a little that way but i already decided not to join near as many challenges this year and to limit ALL my joining! Hope you can relax soon!

  9. beautiful owls, I love owls, something will come to you, theres always a lull before the storm, you will wake up one morning just bisting with ideas! Happy New Year!

  10. i hear you.


    i "tweeted" you a picture of the circle thing that you asked about.
    yeps, i did learn it from traci - love her.

    i love the owls.

    classes and challenges and shit are overwhelming and it's like... the third day of the year.


  11. Your owls --- WOO HOO (I think they would like that :o) Your stress? I totally get it. When I came to Mexico all this creativity began to pour out, I made a decision to do it for me. I do a few swaps when they speak to me .. that's it. HOWEVER, I'm not a young gorgeous artist like you -- I really have a NEED to do it for me in case there is something in there ... and because of that my 'women' have come forth. I honestly don't think some of my art would have had time to be 'born' if I had chosen constant challenges and swaps. It's a choice isn't it. I adore your art, I adore you. You are in love with your art ... somehow there is a balance there for you .. a balance with no stress. You can find it. :o) xxDonna (That was awfully long and sounded dangerously like a lecture to me ... ha ha)

  12. I know that feeling very well.
    Try writing a list and setting deadlines for the single tasks, write down everything you have to do. Cross every finished task.
    It works wonders for me.

  13. your owls looks very wise and deep with their dark eyes, but light in the same way. reminds me a little bit to my holiday on the north see a few years ago, where there were the blue see and the seagulls, don´t know why, maybe because of the colortheme... I also have trouble with overwhelming with all these inspirations going on in the courses and other artists... seems like we all were infected, hihi

  14. Natasha it is actually reassuring to hear you say this. you always seem to post so often and take part in so many different projects and i always wonder how you can manage to fit it all in so to know you feel this way too reassures me that it isn't just me that can't fit all the things i want to do in the time i have to do it in (if that makes sense!) i had to make the decision to focus on creating a portfolio rather than join in all the blog projects that i'd like to but i'll still be at paint party friday as that's where i've met so many inspiring creatives. like you! love the owls by the way- such gorgeous creatures.

  15. really sweet and beautiful owls. my friend just told me that she was walking in the woods, in broad daylight, in a fairly populated area, and an owl swooped down and pulled her hat off her head and then flew into a nearby tree and started ripping it apart. she was partly freaked out, partly pissed off about the hat, but mostly in awe at the magnificent bird.

    and YES there is a crazy amount of inspiring stuff going on right now and I want to do it ALL and instead I'm just spinning my wheels. I think I've walked about 5 miles today just pacing around the house trying to figure out what I want to do next.

  16. Oh I just love your barn owls!!!! They are my favorite. You did a wonderful job. :)


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