Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Paint it / Draw it / Quote it

What is your favorite quote or a poem?

Paint/draw/collage it. 
Blog about it!

Then go over to The Butterfly Effect to link it and watch me draw this pretty lady. :)
I posted some of my favorite art quotes over there but my “life” quote is:

Thoughts become things . . . choose the good ones!
~ The Universe 

I don’t do poems. :)

And cause I know you like FREE stuff. :) HERE is another FREE live video class. Amy's teaching us how to make a smash book. Come and join us today, Tuesday, 17. January at 9 am CST, 3 pm UK, 16:00 for most of Europe.


  1. I don't really do poems either, unless they are Dr. Seuss or like. I love how she looks.

    I have never once been able to make one of Amy's classes. Boo!

  2. I love your drawing! Very pretty! I love her eyes and lips! And, I love your quote! Have a great day!

  3. See is so sweet and I love your quote!!!

  4. I watched the video & was fascinating, actually I made my girls watch it too, loved seeing this sweetie appear right before our eyes, gorgeous!!!

  5. i loved the video. i really treally love it and i'm so glad you made it :)


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