Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Opposites attract . . . Or not

The Butterfly Effect has a theme of “opposites” for this week. I pulled this ATC out of my stash to illustrate light and shadow. I was actually tired of drawing faces and tried out some simple silhouettes. Well, you could call a dog and a cat opposites as well, right?  Anyway, let’s play a game of random again. :)
  • I’m back to drinking tea again. Coffee doesn’t work for me.
  • My dog beats me up every morning while I’m still in my bed. I’m not kidding! She knows when I stop sleeping I don’t even have to open my eyes. Then she gets all excited I’m gonna get up and take them out that she starts jumping on my bed, licking me and pawing at me. Is pawing a word? Anyway, she gets her paws in my face and basically slaps me around. And since I’m barely awake I can’t really do anything about it but to get up quickly so she can’t reach my face anymore. Cesar Milan would be so proud of me. :)
  • We’re having such a good weather this winter. I can’t remember the last time there was so much sunshine. I’m loving it. It beats the gloomy, gray and fogy days we used to get in previous years. Although it is said to rain today with a possibility of snow.
  • I sold another painting over the weekend. Happy dance! :)
  • Oh, and I had an appointment for allergy testing last Monday that I totally forgot about. I waited 3 months to get the date and now I feel like I wasn’t meant to know what I’m allergic to. Or . . . I might make an effort and go to the doctor’s again to get the medical referral form (I got that from my translator thingy so not sure if that’s how it’s called) then call for about a week to get somebody on the phone to give me a date in approximately 3 months time. 
 I just might do that. . . . Or not.


  1. Love this painting! Valerie

  2. Lol...love your dogs and cats opposite attract :D XXX

  3. Really gorgeous painting. The dogs and cats have so much personality. Happy you sold a painting! YEAH! Have a great day. hugs, Donna

  4. Oh wow...the colors really keep your focus and seem to vibrate. This is awesome!

  5. Love your doggy story we also have this problem around 6-7am or dog wines to awake us and jumps on and off the bed A LOT

    Love the light and shadow of the ATC very pretty Dxx

  6. I love this Natasha. I really love the silouettes of the cats and dogs!
    Congrats on selling another of your paintings!
    I have made 4 sales on my Etsy - it`s so exciting!
    Hugs and blessings

  7. Natasha, you are so cute! I love the painting ;o) Yeh, for you and your sale ;o) It feels great when you sell your art, doesn't it ;o) I drink tea too, never coffee!! I think you should start pawing your dog back! LOL! Big Hugs, Stacy

  8. Cats/dogs....up/down...black/colors...you covered the Oppposites theme very well :)

    Yay! So glad you sold another painting! Congrats, that's so exciting!
    When our kitten does that, I ban her from my bedroom...haha! I am definately NOT a morning person ;)

  9. Love your painting!!! Reminds me of my house...2 dogs...2 cats! Life is always interesting here :0)

  10. Such a sweet painting. You did a great job with it. My dogs do the same thing in the morning. They KNOW when I wake up - and then it's jump all over mom and bark, bark, bark!!!! Then it is impossible to get back to sleep!

  11. love this! especially that one little kitty at the top. my cats aren't allowed in the bedroom due to my husband's allergies, but they KNOW when I'm awake and come running to the door and crying and banging on it. like you- before i even get out of bed. how do they know???

  12. Fantastic creative response to the theme, I never thought of anything like this & love the way those pussies are teasing those dogs he he. Coffe, tea I keep 'em both on the boil & BTW while you're having a great Winter our Summer is suckky - ahh less time to be tempted to go outside I guess ;)


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