Monday, January 2, 2012

Here we go ...

I hope everyone is alive and kicking after the New Years Eve celebration. :)) You should have recuperated by now but if you haven't I hope you didn't have to go to work today. :)

Remember last year when I told you I was making some necklaces for gifts? :))) Well, here they are.
There's just four of them but I took a picture from both sides cause they are different. I used washers. Yeah, you heard me . . . washers. Some scrapbook paper and Pouring Medium from Liquitex. You can use Diamond Glaze or resin instead as well.
I saw a tutorial on Pinterest but can't find it for the life of me. That's why I didn't do the step by step but it's really easy. Take some washers, clean them with vinegar and sand them a bit so you can than easily glue scrapbook paper on. I used an exacto knife to cut out the middle once it was dry.

Then you pour the pouring medium on it carefully and wait for it to dry. It took me 2 days because then you have to turn over and pour the medium on the other side as well. If the medium is not dry enough when you turn the washer over, it will damage it and you'll have to pour the medium on it again to even it out.
So, if you haven't given up on this necklace while you were waiting for it to dry, you can now tie the cord to it.:)

To make it look pretty make a sliding knot. You are gonna love it! I first tried some dude's sliding knot but a guy cannot teach you how to make a pretty knot. He can teach you to tie a knot but only a woman can make that knot pretty. And easy in this case.:) Check out this video if you want to learn how.


  1. this is pretty neat. i have washers. i have the medium. i have scrap book paper... and endless amounts of time.. mostly. i'm making some of these guys.
    it was cool and sweet of you to share the technique.

  2. Very cool Natashamay! I like them a lot. xxDonna

  3. These are totally coooooooooooool! Valerie

  4. Wauu, super ideja in luštna izvedba :) Porabljaš zaloge? :) tudi pri meni je kup medijev, ki jih bo treba spravit v promet.
    Hvala za link

  5. These are way cool Natasha!! I wear this style of pendant(bought mine :D)XXX

  6. Love these!!! And thanks for the video link. I tried to get into Pinterest and they sent me the invite, but I must have deleted it. Now I try to rejoin and they won't invite me anymore :(
    Any suggestions???

  7. Your necklaces are so pretty Natasha... what gorgeous gifts... and love the sliding knot...
    Hope you had a wonderful New Year's Eve...

    Jenny x

  8. Very cool Natasha.

    Did you see the first country on the postcard hop... Austria!!

  9. Happy New Year Natasha!! These are so cool!! Maybe you should sell them??? I really like them alot!! Excellent!!!

  10. First of all, Happy New Year! I saved your blog site (added it to my Favorites) when I saw your work on Paint Party Friday (many moons ago)...and I'm so glad I did.

    You never fail to inspire and I love your creativity. I still cannot believe you can glue scrapbook pages to washers. Go figure. They look FANTASTIC!! I especially like the "tattoo" one...if that's what it says.

    Cheers from Miami!! xo

  11. Very cool Natasha May, lucky friends. xox Corrine

  12. Upcycled industrial chic! Very cute, too :)

  13. these look great and you'd absolutely never know they were washers!! I don't know if i'd have the patience to wait for the stuff to dry but it would be worth it if they turned out like this!!

  14. They came out very nice. I have a friend who creates beautiful washer art, too. :) Happy New YEar to you and yours!


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