Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Forget not

Are you familiar with Coraline Jones? She’s a main character in a book Coraline from Neil Gaiman. I didn’t read it but I did Google her. :)
The Butterfly Effect’s theme this week is “things forgotten”. And I’ll tell you why I chose Coraline to represent this theme. . . . Apart from the obvious fact that I “forgot” to read books.

I have periods of time when I would read book after book after book. But lately . . . I have several books unfinished but I just cannot fall back into reading so they are left forgotten. Hopefully not for long. :)

Coraline represents adventure. She reminds me of my childhood when all we needed to do was to go outside and meet some friends and adventures would happen. We’d find the silliest things to do and everything was so exciting. Our imagination was limitless.

As I get older it gets tougher and tougher for me to get carried away by imagination. It’s like that part of my brain is blocked. I remember so many times where my mind was blank when I had to use my imagination. It’s like I’ve forgotten how to dream up a fairyland.

Have you ever read a book and wondered how the f**k did a person come up with that? I have so many times. It’s like those people are living in a different world. But they don’t. They just didn’t forget how it's like to imagine like a kid.

Now, don’t get me wrong. From time to time I can come up with a decent story. I attribute it to challenges and all my lovely stalkers that force me to come up with something interesting.:)

But more times then not, I talk myself down from getting too carried away with my imagination. I wish I'd remember more often to think like a kid again.

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  1. These images are fabulous Natasha!! And I know what you mean...life just seems to overwhelm us as we get older, carrying the worries of all those we meet. But it is our art that keeps us going :D XXX

  2. You are so right Natasha! I wish I could get carried away more often! Love this piece! Coraline is a favourite movie of my boys and have to say I really love it too, Funnily enough we watched it just last night as we got a new 3D tv and that was the movie we picked to go with it, it was amazing to watch in 3D in our living room, I love the animation!!! :0) Gorgeous interpretation of a fabulous character! :0) oxoxo

  3. Yes exactly! I wonder what it's like to be some of these writers--probably a little crazy with all of this living inside of their heads--but still--I'm glad they're out there to entertain me--although I don't read--I wait for the movie :)
    And...YES...again to being like a kid again---nothing was impossible and if something didn't work out--so what--on to the next adventure.

  4. I think that's why I admire JK Rowling so much -- her mind absolutely amazes me. Even after the last book she knows the 'family tree' for generations to come. She has not allowed the child in her to become shut down in any way. I do think it's like anything else ... the more we 'allow' our minds to get carried away into other worlds, the easier it becomes to go back into our imaginations and those wonderful worlds of fantasy and adventure we used to create to easily. we just gotta keep doin' it NatashaMay! :o) xoDonna

  5. I like your reasons for choosing Coraline and your imagination seems to work just fine to me. Go on, get carried away. xox Corrine

  6. Happy New Year Natasha! Sorry I haven't been around as of late! I took a break for a while only posting here and there. Just beginning to get caught up to everyone on here.
    I know what you mean about losing our imaginations. I still love to read though!
    Hugs and many blessings

  7. you speak from the bottom of my heart♥...for me it is so important to try to see the world through the eyes of a child...and I feel like the art can help alot ;-)...cool Coraline... the scetches are famous!... Have you see the film? I have googled and found it very interesting :-)

  8. this is such a great post :)
    i love it - <3


  9. Great post Natasha! Love the paintings! My friend, don't talk yourself down, when you think you are getting carried away! Let yourself soar! Be free like a kid ;o) Have a great one!

  10. I love Coraline and your Coralines :) You have to watch the movie, I loooooove the movie ! If you like Corpse Bride etc. you'll love it too. !

  11. your words ring true. I've always worked with kids and marvel at how much gets lost in the journey to adulthood. going to look up Coraline after seeing your great drawings!

  12. I LOVE Coraline! You did a great job at capturing her essence. I'm sure Neil Gaiman would whole-heartedly approve!


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