Tuesday, December 27, 2011

New Year's resolutions and cats

Amy wants to know our New Year's resolutions over at The Butterfly Effect. I've never done this so I don't really know what to write about. Is it something you want to happen or is it something you want to change like bad habits?

I guess one thing is to start eating healthy and get fit. In other words lose weight. :)) I already started working on it this December. Very smart, I know. I'm having hard time avoiding sweets.

The other thing is to get a dream job. I don't know what that is yet but I want it. :)

I also want to start renovating the living room. It was planned for this year but things got in a way so hopefully stars will align just right to make it happen next year.

What else? . . . . . .

I guess I'd like to travel more. I love traveling but it all gets down to my husband who's afraid to fly. So my resolution would be to get my husband to travel more. :))
And that's it for my resolutions. :)) These paintings are 20x20 cm (8"x8") and were donated to the Association for feral cats Mačjelovka. I talked about it last year.

Another FREE live video class today over HERE. Amy's getting up super early so even Australian's get to join in. :)) We'll be there at 9 am CST, 10 am EST, 3 pm UK, 16:00 for most of Europe and 11 pm for Perth, Australia. Today meaning Tuesday, 27. December. :)

AND . . . Manon is having a giveaway. You can win this awesome notebook/diary. :) Go there now!


  1. Love the kitty paintings, especially the one of them sitting on the branch (smile). In order to avoid failure, I have given up on resolutions for the New Year. Instead I choose a word or phrase and try to live up to that all year. I've been thinking hard, but haven't come up with anything for this year yet. You could have your husband hypnotized so he things he's in a train ... ha ha ha ha ha. (sorry, couldn't help it). xxDonna

  2. Love your cats, the one with the cats on the branch in the moonlight is my fave! Valerie

  3. I wish for you all the energy you require to see through all these projects you aspire to this year :D
    Your catty pics are just beautiful(and you know I'm not a cat person haha!) :D XXX

  4. O, mačkoni,..najboljša sta mi zaljubljena.

  5. It's great you've never done a new year's resoution, then you don't have to be sad when you let yourself down, as most of us do! Lovely cats!

  6. Beautiful your cats. I have looked on your Blog and i see beautiful work. fantastic.
    lovely greet
    Marja (The Netherlands)

  7. Love your cats, especcially the four sitting on the tree and this old wobbly house ;-) these resolutions are overrated in my opinion, but I found it always nice to focus myself and get on track on new years day

  8. Modre so čudovite. Lp

  9. Beautiful compositions of beautiful colors. I prefer the night. Greetings.

  10. Natasha, go for it! You can do anything you like! My mom is afraid of flying, so I know what you mean about your hubby! I love your paintings! I love cats ;o) Take Care my friend ;o) Happy New Year!

  11. Natasha, go for it! You can do anything you like! My mom is afraid of flying, so I know what you mean about your hubby! I love your paintings! I love cats ;o) Take Care my friend ;o) Happy New Year!

  12. i am excited about manon's giveaway - i wanna win it :)
    awesome sweet resolutions. guess what? since you posted about cats, i feel the urge to tell you that my cat that went for his neutering today - well, good thing that he went - he was sick, sick from fever. He'd gotten into a brawl outdoors and got infection from the wound.
    thank god he went to the vet, you know?

    poor guy.

    he still has his manliness. he can keep it for another week while his antibiotics work...
    then... bye bye nuts.



  13. I love how we all have resolutions at the beginning of the year...and somehow they get lost :)
    I hope that you can do everything that you want to do in 2012!
    ...and see you next year!

  14. Nice, easy-to-manage resolutions; I'll be playing along w/ Butterfly Effect too but it may take a day or two to decide on my list...

  15. A New Year of possibilities! I do believe in making positive changes and wish the best for you!

    An upgraded livingroom, dream job, traveling and being fit sound like perfect wants for 2012 :)

  16. Wow you started the healthiness in December. Well done you - I really am SO ready for the healthy eating to start now!

  17. Hi NatashaMay
    I love your blue and yellow piece - stunning.

    I wish you all the best - may your wishes come true. Have a wonderful 2012.



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