Monday, November 7, 2011


Last week Amy had a live video workshop and she painted a cat. I haven't painted a blue cat in a while so I was inspired to play along.

I didn't do the fabric and the sewing thing cause that only happens in a parallel universe. For now. I might change my mind later on but for now the sewing machine stays with my mom. That's where it belongs. :)
Blue cat ala Amy
So, I painted kitties in my art journal. The first one looks more like Amy's. I wanted it to look like Amy's. Cause then when I go back and look at my journal when I'm old and stuff and I'll be able to remember when this blue cat happened.

Cause it doesn't look like my cat so I'll be wondering why did I paint it and where I got my inspiration and then it will hit me. It was Amy's workshop! Yeah!

Or I could just write it down cause it's suppose to be an art journal where you write shit down. I should probably do that and not rely on my memory too much. :)
Pumpkin cat

The second kitty doesn't look like my blue cat either. I have no idea why I painted it this way. I guess I was inspired by a pumpkin. That's where it got its belly. :)

I feel I need to explain the sewing thing. I can sew. My mom taught me when I was little cause she sewed all the time. I even took a class on sewing. I sewed myself some short pants with pockets and belt thing and stuff. I can sew!

But it frustrates me. I get nervous around the sewing machine. Just thinking about sewing gets my blood pressure up. Something always goes wrong or the thread is doing weird things and it upsets me.

Like when I do happen to sew something it takes me years to forget that feeling and to try something again. I have not yet forgotten so it will be some time.

Amy is giving away that cat she made during the workshop so I'm linking to The Butterfly Effect.

Linking to the Artists in Blogland as well.


  1. I adore your twin baby blues! (they are twins because they are both blue) ... I have never drawn a cat in my life - at least not that I can remember, and I suspect I'm not going to run out and begin now. I love yours though ... I'm sure I will love amy's when I see it .. which is where I am off to now. xx take care. :o) Donna

  2. Lovely blue cats, thea are both real fun and great colours. Valerie

  3. Gorgeous Kitties Natasha :D And I totally sympathise with the sewing machine issue. I keep trying, but always end up sewing by hand. Did several patchwork duvet covers one year and managed to sew one to my hand(my fingers had gone numb :D)XXX

  4. I've never ever drawn or painted a cat either-hmmmm--maybe I'll give it a try.
    Both of these are so fun and different from each other--kind of like cats in real life...

  5. Those are nice kitties and I love the color scheme, plus now I'm curious to see how your cats usually look. Cute site.

  6. Cool blue cats . . . I hear you about the sewing.

  7. Both very wonderful cats!!! you did a great job, both so cute in different ways!

  8. Two great cats. The first one looks so sad but has such a cute face. The second one has a great, expressive face. Must be the eyes. As for sewing, it's great you can do it! But if it's stressful and not fun, why bother? One day it might seem like fun. :)

  9. So so cute Natasha! Love them both! I keep missing Amy's classes, hope to catch up soon! :)

  10. Both of your blue cats are great but my favorite is the cat with the round belly. I feel the same way about sewing. It's just too much pressure, plus the hassle of dragging out the machine! I guess that means I must be lazy.

  11. Love your kittens! I especially love the second one... round belly and all!
    Hugs and blessings

  12. great little paintings I love the blue cat theme...great idea to use a color not ordinarily used for painting animals/people and objects...I should do this more often too!
    The pumpkin belly cat great I think you could really experiment more with that.

  13. Oh I know that feeling about sewing machines but you get over it..I use my poor old machine for some extreme sewing...after a time you become aware why it screws up and how to fix it..can be frustrating but very rewarding.

  14. I just discoring your blog ...
    I really like your style very poetic.

  15. I love your blue cat - the one with the orange background. My favourite colours too :) And I understand what you are saying about sewing - with the difference being that my mother wanted me to learn (she wanted me to be a "dressmaker" when I grew up" but I didn't. I don't like sewing. Maybe one day will be different?

  16. i like you.

    i like your cat.

    i understand the sewing thing completely.

    I LOVE the pumpkin cat.

    you just really make me smile.

  17. So cute! I like your kitties. :)

  18. I love your pumpkin cat!! He is too cute for words!! And, I understand about the sewing! I am that way with knitting!!

  19. Look at those sweet have a way of making just sweet looking little faces....

    ...even the demon winged creature you sent me has a pretty sweet little face :)

    Love the whiskers, too!

  20. Your kitties are so adorable!!!! They make me smile and I like to smile :0)

  21. that pumpkin cat is so awesome. I keep looking at the arms - sometimes I think he has his hands on his hips, showing his cattitude. sometimes I think he's rubbing his belly because he just ate something delicious. sometimes I think he's got his hands in his pockets, rattling his change and fiddling with his lip balm.

  22. Oh I LOVE that first cat!! Such great colors and blending and shapes.


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