Tuesday, November 29, 2011

In pieces

I'm pre-scheduling this post because I have a dentist in the morning. Oh, happy me! :) 

I have no fear of the dentist but I find it annoying. You know. The whole process. I don't do yearly check-ups. Who does that? I go when I'm in pain. :) And even then I wait until it really gets out of hand to actually call a dentist. 

It's just annoying to call just so she then schedules the appointment in a month or two. I'm ready to go right now, why do I have to wait? Well, if you complain that you're in pain, they get you in sooner but I usually don't. Cause I don't like complaining. That's a whole other post, believe me. :)

There's usually more wrong in your mouth than you thought and they only fix one tooth. Then they schedule you for another appointment in a month. Why? That is so annoying. Why don't they do the whole thing at once and be done with it. I get it if there's something in need of healing or they are "building" your teeth but not when there is just a hole to fix. Is it that much trouble to go to the next tooth? I don't mind. But they never ask me.

Oh, and I always cry in the dentist's chair. It's so funny. I just sit in it and my eyes start watering. I think it's something about the position I'm in. The whole half laying position, open mouth and bright light in your eyes. I'm not in pain but tears still flow. :)

The Butterfly Effect is in broken pieces this week. Go check it out. :)


  1. We must be related! Your description of 'all things dentist' sounds very familiar. Perhaps you will be lucky and get away with one appointment. Love what you did you your art piece (no pun intended). :o) Donna

  2. Beautiful as always Natasha... and perfect for this weeks theme... I have just been to the dentist this week myself... and like you, only go when I have to... funny reading your post... they popped in a temporary filling and I have to go back for the real one in a couple of weeks... at least the pain is gone... hope your visit went well...

    Jenny x

  3. Eek..... the dentist....

    Did you ever have root canal surgery? Now that's an experience!!

    Your picture seems particularly appropriate today :)

  4. Ouch!! I just had so much work in my mouth last month--what would have been around 9 office visits, turned into 1--ahh-sleep dentistry--the best thing invented!
    Your very cool piece is what I felt like for about a week afterwards...

  5. Beautiful composition, really creative, like a broken mirror, I like the result.

  6. Love your pieces! Sorry about the dentist, I have a big appointment tomorrow at 8 am, not looking forward to it, and I HATE having to get up so early!! Valerie

  7. Oh sorry your having trouble with your teeth. A mouth wash called DIFLAM is good. You can buy it behind the chemist till. I'm not sure where you live. There's a dental company called http://www.access-smile.ie/
    They treat you really well and are good. I've travelled twice from uk to them. All the best, get well soon!

  8. Also clove oil is good pain relief on tooth. Buy in little bottles at chemist. Use cotton bud to dip on tooth. Try not to get on lips, its strong!

  9. Oh bless you Natasha :) I love the dentist. It is one of the only times my brood leave me alone haha!
    Love your "in pieces" piece :D XXX

  10. I have to admit, I do go for my cleaning every 6 months. But, I agree with everything else you said! I had one tooth filled 6 months ago, and at that time, they new I had another one to do, and I have to wait??? I am getting it done on friday! Errrr!!! Hope you are ok, Natasha!

  11. but the real question is: what do you do with your tongue?

    do you just let it sit there? or do you move it out of the way?


  12. oh yuck! I dread dentist appointments too, even though I rarely have problems. last time though he found tiny cavities :-(
    hope your appt goes well and everything is taken care of. It's no fun being in pain

  13. Good luck Natasha at the Dentist!!!!
    Hugs and blessings

  14. It is interesting how 1 thing wrong in our bodies leaves the rest feeling not right, too....
    Hope everthing goes as smoothly as possible :)

  15. That is brilliant! What a great idea for the theme! And boo, the dentist is no fun - but so important - I hope it all went well this morning and thank you for your visit ;) xoxo

  16. All the broken pieces make one whole beautiful person.
    I coulda wrote that about the dentist...I have been procrastinating the call...for all the same reasons.
    But I don't cry...I am ridiculously polite and act like 'I do this ALL the time..I'm normal'

  17. Jako ti je lijepa slika!

    Pozdrav iz Rijeke:)

  18. What a great idea! Very cool interpretation - it's a shame to cut that pretty girl up! :) Hope you survive your dentist!

  19. love your fractured girl! Amy's comment was right-on. There's just never enough room in the mouth for the dental tools, the horrible little suction/vacuum thingy AND your tongue.

  20. I hope you are feeling better! :)


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