Sunday, November 20, 2011

As it happens, it's a movie night

It's so funny! When I was doing that blogging every day in October, I didn't think I was gonna make it. But somehow I managed to find words to post every day. But since the start of November I'm struggling to write a single blog post. So, I'm going with random again.:)
* I'm planning to go see the latest movie from Twilight Saga tonight. If all the stars align just right to make it happen. It's something a couple of us friends have been doing since the first movie. Well, we've been going to the premiere but couldn't make it this time.

* I have these periods of time when I decide to watch movies and yesterday was one of those days. I watched Our Idiot Brother, The Art Of Getting By and I Don't Know How She Does It. I concluded all three were good watchable movies.
 * I also find that my taste in movies varies. It so depends in what mood I am when I see a movie. It can happen that a perfectly good movie sucks because I'm in a "different" mood.

* I also find that I don't get British humor. I mean, we all love Bridget Jones's Diary, right, but Monty Python is a required taste. I saw this movie The Guard which is totally fine but it's represented as a comedy. I do not find comedy in it.

* And to finish this randomness which happened to turn into a movie review :), I decided to see all of the Harry Potter movies. I haven't started yet and I can't promise I'll go all the way through with it but I'll give it a go. To see what all the hype is about. And no. I will not read the books. Movies are as far as I'll go.

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  1. you are invited to follow my blog

  2. Great paintings Natasha, as ever I love your style. Yeah it is an acquired taste I'm british and cannot see the attraction of Monty Python at all, please don't judge all british humour by this though lol as for harry potter - I think me and you may fall out if you do judge the books by the films lol the films are *ok* (she says with a grimace) but I'd say don't expect to understand what all the hype is about through them as they are different (and as any fan'll probably tell you not as good). Thanks for sharing x

  3. Nice work again! Enjoy your movie! Valerie

  4. Natasha - I'm so glad you stopped by my blog! I really enjoyed looking around your place and seeing your beautiful work - can't wait to see more posts! xx...Susan

  5. Lovely ladies, all! I'm not generally a fan of British comedy either - certainly not Monty! I think it's a guy thing cuz my husband and boys LOVE it. :)

  6. did someone leave a comment telling you that you are invited to follow their blog?


    fuck. i just remembered the coffee/tea post.


  7. love the art
    joan in italyh

  8. Great paintings Natasha! I have to admit, I loved all the Harry Pottery movies, except for the last one, didn't like it! I don't get British humour either?? Have a great one!

  9. Must confess I'm in love with British humour, and frankly don't get American/Canadian humour, which is difficult being a Canadian myself! Fell in love with Monty Python the first time I say them when I lived in London and have been a life long fan. Isn't it great how different we all are? I'd love to watch the Harry Potter movies (because I think Rowling has such a brilliant mind), but the thought of beginning intimidates me. So, I will live vicariously through you. Love your art, as always - - Kitty is my fav. hugs, Donna

  10. Random is works for us...bloggers and artists alike...

    Reading Amy's comment made me think I should get off the computer and start painting!

    Hope all is well with you!

  11. I watched a good tv movie about a man who lived with wild turkeys for a year, but been years since I watched any others, fun to loose yourself in them and I often times don't get british humor especially python.

  12. Lovely paintings Natasha! They flow through your post so well! :0)

    I'm with you on the Harry Potter thing I haven't been able to get into the movies never mind the books, I don't mind the Twilight saga I have a group of friends that I go with to each movie I think it's a nice tradition, I'm more of a horror movie fan even though I'm a major coward heheheh

  13. Lovely ladies!!! Random works for me too....since it seams almost impossible for me to link any more than three sentences together these days,


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