Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Art and Music

First I'd like to thank everyone for coming to my Halloween Party on Monday. :) I so enjoyed visiting everyone and was so excited to see you all. :) I'll live the link tool open until Sunday so you can still link your after Halloween posts. :)

And secondly, thanks to everyone for commenting on my posts all through October. It was a Blogtoberfest challenge to blog every day. I had fun and enjoyed your visits very much. :)

Now back to the regular program. :) Art and Music is the theme for this week at The Butterfly Effect.

Nicola Toms is our very first guest poster. :) Go check out what she's got to say.

I followed her footsteps and decided to base my entry on music video as well. I have many favorite singers and bands and even more favorite songs. :) It was hard to narrow it down but I listened to Joss Stone after a long time and was inspired to do the bellow art journal spread.
Sorry for the cut off words. The journal is a bit bigger than my scanner so it didn't fit everything. It is based on three of my favorite Joss' songs.
 The first one is Joss in her video for the song Tell Me What We're Gonna Do Now.
 The second is from her music video for Super Duper Love.
And the last one is Joss in my favorite car the VW Beetle with a song Don't Cha Wanna Ride.

And! Amy is having another live video workshop tomorrow Thursday at 2 pm CST. That would make 8 pm for most of Europe and 7 pm for UK and 6 am Friday for Melbourne, Australia.  It's so much fun you don't even know what you're all missing. Go HERE to join us tomorrow. She is recording them as well and you can get the links on the right sidebar on the first above workshop link.
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  1. You are so incredibly inventive and imaginative and creative! Love the VW! I don't have anything on this subject I could enter -- might see what I can do if my muse shows up. xxDonna

  2. Lovely journal spread, so bright and cheerful! Valerie

  3. Very cool, and I love Joss Stone too!
    I've been watching Amy's recorded videos--they're great and I feel like she's right there in the room with me--wonderful company that lady is

  4. Ooh now you've made me want to listen to Joss Stone!!

  5. i LOVE joss stone.

    in fact, i'm going to cue her up on pandora now that you've inspired me :))

    the giraffe page is so cute.
    i'm excited about the art and music theme - you can do SO much with it.

    she picked a good one :))

    thank you for the nice things you said about the class - i'm excited!


  6. Another Joss Stone fan here. Must dig out my CDs and have a listen soon :-)

    Love the VW! I always wanted a beetle.

  7. Hi! Found your blog from Aquariann's Autumn Blog Hop. Love your journal spread and such great music to be inspired by! You've got me wanting go do a page in mine now..

  8. Hi Natasha!!! What a brilliant piece! So full of fun and energy. I really like Joss Stone and I think that your piece is a great tribute to her! Love those juicy lips! :0) Thanks for having me at the butterfly effect I really enjoyed it and it's great to see what you created with my prompt! cool! :0)

  9. Very fun, Natasa! You make me want to try painting with a fave song (or artist in mind) The week is almost over, though....and for some reason I'm feeling very rushed lately :(

    Your creepy fairy arrived today!! She is awesome! Thanks so much!

    I'm going to try to make it to Amy's tomorrow....I just love her to bits!

    Sending big hugs to you,

  10. love this film strip layout - very cool! and that hair flowing out of the VW bug. love it. My fabulous idea for this week is still in my head - gonna try to get it on paper tonight

  11. Fantastic! I think the Beetle one is my favorite too ;o)

  12. Very cool!!! Wish I still had my V W !

  13. Love it! I so want to drive a convertible right now just so my hair can do what her hair is doing!

  14. Wonderfully creative pages of course! You are always so full of great ideas!! Oh, and Joss Stone - LOVE!

  15. nice! I really like how the images are in a film strip reel. great inspiration. :)

  16. Cool journal pages! I like Joss Stone, too....and your VW is super cute.


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