Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What's your inspiration # 19

Inspiration Avenue is celebrating 500 plus followers and they want to know what inspires us.

Let's play along! :)
I find myself inspired mostly by faces, paterns and color combinations. I have caught myself numerous times studying shadows on my hubby's face. Like when we're having a conversation and his face is lit from the side I think to myself how I would paint those shadows. Don't  worry! He's used to me not paying attention to him. :)
Other artists are a great inspiration to me as well. I don't have a style or a technique that I prefer. It's all around feel of the piece I'm looking at. Oh, and watching artists create is my favorite thing. It's the energy I feed off of.
Also challenges inspire me. You'll agree with me on this one. When you've been painting for a while you tend to gravitate to certain objects, colors and so on. And whenever I'm challenged to do something different I get all giddy from excitement. I research the hell out of it until I find something I like then I try to make it my own.
P.S. These were inspired by Sarah Bishop. I've done it once before. :)



  1. Hey Nat, I love your sexy girls. They look great. I often study my hubby's face also. He he he . Great mind think alike.
    Kyles :D

  2. Woow... ovo je pravo iznenađenje, vrlo sexy djevojke, prekrasni radovi!

    Pozdrav iz Rijeke:)

  3. your voluptuous women are soooo awesome -- every curve a piece of music. My trouble is I am inspired by far toooo much. Not being allowed to go to art school has caused me to create a one woman art school where I am inspired by everything from jewelry to nichos to hand made books and journals, to multi media, to large canvases, to collage, to assemblage, to writing. I feel like a one woman artist colony who is having a creative explosion. Since coming to Mexico I am experiencing a creative eruption of sorts. Where will it lead? Who knows. At least you KNOW you are a painter, and have found your voice. And a lovely voice it is ... I love your art. hugs, Donna

  4. Love your curvy women! Valerie

  5. Wonderful art and like the post I am inspired through so many things I do love colour and texture though no matter the media. Loving your curvy women I have see the artist you refer to not a bad place to be inspired I'd say ;0) Dxx

  6. Love these ladies!!
    I'm inspired by everything--sometimes it gets a bit overwhelming.

  7. These are lovely Natasha, proper curves going on lol thanks for sharing, much love Jennibellie

  8. Beautiful curvy ladies~ I like the butt-babe the most! XD
    It's fun to see where people find inspiration. ^-^

    // -T.W-

  9. I absolutely love, love, love when you paint the bodacious babes!

    I really enjoy watching where your inspiration takes you...


  10. Wow, these are rather swaggering ladies... I had to scroll down fast because I was at work and how would I explain that one? LOL.
    I do the same thing, I stare at my hubbies face when talking to him too! I love faces!
    Hugs and many blessings

  11. :) I thought it was just me studying contours and shadows on beloved's face as he talks to me! I adore the first one. Absolutely in love!

  12. Your paintings are adorable! You are so creative!!! A+

  13. What cheeky and fun pictures!! Brought a smile to my face.

  14. I love your curvy women - I love that your inspiration has you creating outside the 'box'. You alway have such an interesting take on the challenges.

  15. Got to love some dangerous curves.. love the freedom and movement of your girls !!! Made me smile xx

  16. I've never seen such curvy ladies. You show real talent and originality in your art. Love these gals.

  17. These illustrations are sooo GOOOD! and FUN! Wow♥

  18. These are great, I love all those fabulous, voluptuous curves!


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