Saturday, October 8, 2011

Read all about it! #8

Amy had a great idea of interviewing all of us. Only we get to answer on our blogs and link it in her comments. Since I’m a week into this Blogtoberfest I need some fresh material to talk about. :)
1. what is your name and stuff? and any other good information. like bank account details. 
My name is Nataša and I’m from Slovenia. I own 7 cats and 2 dogs. All of them but 2 of the cats (the oldest two) are rescued in one form or another. I like to consider myself an artist but I have no idea what to do for a living. I could give you my bank account details but it wouldn’t do you any good. Unless you want to fill up my account with a couple of thousands of €. :)
2. what is super hot about you? --- don't you Dare skip this one. answer it. 
I’d say my eyes but I caught an allergy this year so they don’t look so hot anymore. :) Do you catch an allergy or develop it? I’d say develop. However my hubby likes my butt. I can’t see it so I can’t comment on it but I know it’s big. :)
3. don't lie or cheat: what is under your couch right now?
Well, if you asked me a couple of weeks ago I’d have something to tell but not this time. There is nothing but some dust. Not even that cause I vacuumed yesterday. Does a corner of a dog bed count? It's partially under it.
4. when was the last time you shaved your legs? 
Monday or Tuesday, can’t remember.
5. what did you have for breakfast? 
I started with green smoothies again but I skipped yesterday’s breakfast cause I had to go to the city and didn’t bother with it. I make my smoothies out of spinach, celery, apple and banana.
6. if you could choose a new name, what would you name yourself? 
I had all sorts of names lined up when I was a kid but I’m happy with my name at this point. I wanted to be Nelly for a while and Madison and Montana were popular, too. :)
7. have you ever had plastic surgery? 
No. And I don’t think I have the guts for it or money for that matter.
8. are you afraid of the dark? 
No. Never had been. I was afraid what was under my bed after I watched this movie I can’t remember the title of. But I had to walk home through this poorly lit park when I was a teenager and was never afraid to. I always thought I was a bad ass anyway. I was ready to fight anyone. :)
9. are you a hermit? 
I thought that meant if I was hording stuff but Amy got the wiki out and it means something entirely different. :) I guess I am a little bit. I like the company but don’t mind being alone either. I don’t see the point of going out for a drink though.

I mean, I can’t get drunk cause I’m driving, taxi would cost a million, and I don’t see the point in drinking alcohol if I don’t get drunk. Paying 2€ for a glass of juice is just ridiculous and I don’t see a reason for going out to a place where music is so loud you can’t hear a person next to you. So what’s the point of going out if you can’t drink and can’t talk? I guess I’ve outgrown it. :)
10. why do you blog? 
I think of it as keeping a record of my art. And I love meeting all of you. I never thought I’d appreciate blogging as much as I do.

You won't believe it but this photo was taken yesteday around 5 p.m. The whole week had record temperature for this month like in ages but Friday decided to be something special. How can you go from 25°C and sunny to 5°C and snow over night?
P.S. I wasn't going to post any art today but I found these two koi atc's that I don't know how to incorporate into a post. So, they are just up there for viewing pleasure. :)
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  1. How brave to answer all those questions! Sorry about the snow! Valerie

  2. We're having crazy weather in the UK too. Last weekened was the 3rd hottest day all year - it got to 29 degrees in some places. Then yesterday it was 8 degrees!! Madness!

    I've done the interview too - such fun!

  3. Amy's interview is so much fun ... I think I might try it. Love your koi - no crazy weather here as yet. Lucky us. :o) Donna

  4. I kod ans u Rijeci je jčer padao snijeg:) Ribica je preslatka!

    Ugodan vikend.

  5. How honest you are!!! I would be lying through my teeth lol. Love the Koi nicely slipped in there. Glad you did they are gorgeous

  6. It is always so nice to read about the people we meet in blogland!!! wonderful post Natasha!!!

  7. Come share something sweet today! Sweet Saturdays over at my blog...

  8. Love the Koi and love hearing about you ~ Great art! namaste, Carol (A CreativeHarbor) linked with artists in blog land ^_^

  9. Awesome fun! Thanks for sharing! POP ART MINIS

  10. I loved this Nelly!! (That was my favorite of yours ;) So cool to hear more about you - and you always write with a smile on your face - we can tell, xoxo

  11. Simpatičen intervju :)

  12. Great interview and nice honest answers. I swear if I read about another perfect balanced creative life I will scream... so nice to read real answers!!! thanks for sharing xx

  13. i'm with you on the bar thing. i will NOt pay as much for One glass as it costs to buy an entire bottle myself.
    and then, really. how am i getting home? there is no solution.
    i've never been a big bar person because of the smoke and all of that. i'm anal about smoke.

    i guess i like the idea of a bar. i wouldn't mind Living in a bar - like having a speakeasy in my basement - ohshit! that would be soooo coool.

    right. but i won't go out drinking either.

    my butt has gotten bigger too. :( but if i had Boobs to go with it, i wouldn't mind.

    smoothies, huh?
    me and you are probably similar in our food weirdnesses - are you a vegan?


  14. I read Amy's interview too and will eventually answer it! I'm SO glad you did! Very fun and informative. Makes my AIB interview questions look totally boring.

  15. What great questions and answers! It is so nice to learn more about artists I enjoy reading! Thank you for sharing more about yourself. :)


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