Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pokemon #11

I really should look up what Pokemon is all about. I mean, I don't even know if it's a cartoon or comic or a game. I'm really too old for this.

As you know I had to Google it. Obviously it's all of the above only it is not called a cartoon but an anime. I don't have to tell you I needed to Google what's the difference, too. :)

Oh, did you know that the word Pokemon derives from a Japanese word Pocket Monsters? OMG! There are 649 fictional species made up just for the Pokemon!

I've been reading the concept on wiki but I guess I'm too old and stupid for it. What insects? Where did insects come from?

Anyway. I was asked to do certain characters from the Pokemon for a personal ATC trade. So here are James and Jessie on the left and Ach Ketchum on the right. :) Does the last name make you think of Ashton Kutcher as well? :))
When I scanned them the first time I had my settings set on black and white and I thought they looked pretty cool.:)


  1. Honestly Natasha, you are such a breath of fresh air! Thank you for that. I'm greener than you when it comes to Pokemon, simply because I don't give a damn. I first heard of them even before they were marketed to America well over 20 years ago when they were still very Japanese. I still couldn't care less. They didn't discuss it with me when these characters were developed,(boohoo) and somehow they have never struck a chord in my heart. So what's wrong with me?! Having said all of that, I do adore your ATC's ... and I want to adopt that rabbit. Oh so gorgeous. hugs, Donna

  2. Lovely ATCs. All i know about Pokemon cards is that I was always confiscating them from the kids at school for playing during lessons! Valerie

  3. the only reason i know a little about Pokemon is because i have kids who used to collect the cards when they were young! well done on your ATCs!

  4. My son used to collect and play Pokemon so I'm very familiar with the characters. You did an excellent job!

  5. O jaz pa poznam tele, to moj sin obvlada:):):)

  6. Great job on the pokemon characters Natasha! I know about them only from my sons, otherwise I am sure I would not have known.
    Hugs and blessings

  7. green poop.


    my son used to LOVE pokemon.

    it came out big big before he was old enough to read, and he taught himself to read by obsessing over pokemon books.

    i was pretty happy when he outgrew it.

    except that while it's been Years and Years now, he *did* ask for a pokemon book last week.

    weird thing, the pokemon bit.

    i'm not really sure what the hell they are.




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