Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Over the rainbow # 18

I thought we should all enjoy some rainbow today. :)
I know it's been a hell of a lot of ATC's on this blog lately. But frankly I don't feel like painting on a bigger scale. I like this little girlies and other stuff. I don't think they'd work on a canvas anyway. And they get to leave home. :) I trade them all which makes me feel good.

Nobody wants to buy my paintings so I'm stuck with them. Maybe that's a reason why I don't feel like painting cause I don't want to hoard them. It's like I reached my quota now I wait. :)
Wouldn't it be great if we could trade our paintings like we trade ATC's? :) I know it's a riskier business that's probably why noone is doing it.

I mean they would have to be the same size of course. Cause nobody would like it if you made an 8x11" painting and got a 5x5" back. And I would be a lot more pissed if I got a painting I didn't like than I'd be with an ATC.

It's tricky, too, cause the photo doesn't necesarily show the quality of a painting either. It's different if your business depends on it but you can't really go: "hey, I want my painting back cause I don't like the one you sent me!". Right?!

It would be a totally great idea in a perfect world. Like in a world in which we'd get to read each others minds and we'd make exactly the kind of paintings the trading partner would enjoy.. I know I'd be devistated if somebody wouldn't like what I'd sent them in return.

And there's this thing about where to store all the paintings you traded. I have like 200 traded ATC's. Where in hell would I put 200 paintings? Right?!

Not such a great idea after all. So, as far as this blog goes, you're stuck with ATC's and an occasional art journal entry. :) My appologies to all who'd like to see something else.


  1. I'm here because I like WHATEVER you are doing. You are interesting, fun, a decent writer and have a broad view. I love your ATC's ... all one million of them. he he. xxDonna

  2. I'm ok with ATCs! But I'd take the 200 paintings too teheheeh

    denyse dar via blogtoberfest
    your life is a work of art!

  3. So true, just looking at your art brings enough joy. Seeing your beautiful faces each day is like having your paintings already in my home :)

  4. Loving the big rainbow hair :)
    Omgeeeee I wanted to sway paintings for awhile, but my concerns are the same as yours,
    I hoard my paintings, sell a few, and give tons away :(
    What do we do with them????
    I have no more wall space.

  5. Čeprav so mi tudi ATCji zabavni in si jih res ne predstavljam kot slike, pa pogrešam tvoje slike. Ampak se ne sekiram, bodo že, ko te bo prijelo delat na platna.
    Se pa spomnim, kako so se ti zdela moja 10 x 10 platna premajhna.. poglej se zdaj:)))

  6. Keep the ATCs coming, NatashaMay! They are paintings, too and keep you creative :-) Have you ever had an art show where you could show your paintings and maybe move some that way? Your work is wonderful and cheery. It deserves to be shared!

  7. I love your atc's!! I love all your art! I find on Etsy, it's harder to sell the larger paintings! Although, some people do well!


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