Sunday, October 16, 2011

My own species #16

Red Frogtoise
  •  Lives on trees in a rainforest
  •  Monkey like tail helps it to reach down to ambush ants and other insects
  •  Frog like legs keeps it stick to the surface so it’s harder for birds and other animals to snatch it for a meal
  • Tortoise shell is small but sufficient for it to hide under when attacked

Red beak Capra Reptilia
  • Lives in rich grassland and eats seeds
  • Goat like hind legs and reptile tail help it move quickly and swiftly through grass to escape the enemies
  • It uses forelegs to dig out occasional termite colony
  • Red beak signifies male gender
  • Goat’s horns are only for defense as it is a very peaceful animal
  • All around green color of its body helps it blend with its environment
  • It is a vegetarian and eats only seaweeds
  • Red fins on the hips are poisonous
Panthera Aries Pteron
  • Lives in a desert
  • Anteater head is shaped for digging out insects in the sand
  • Dragon like wings are not for flying but for regulating its temperature
  • Ram’s horns are used in territorial fights and in a mating season to impress females
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  1. could do a whole booklet of fantastical creatures!

  2. ha ha ... such fun you are having. Now write a childrens book to go with them ... they are gorgeous. hugs, Donna

  3. Wonderful drawings, my son would love to see these, I will have to remember to show him, he is really into his drawing and art right now. I agree with the other commentors- these would make for a fun children's book! Visiting from the Autumn Hop ~April

  4. These are funny creatures!

  5. Prekrasni su ti ovi radovi!
    Ispričavam se što se nisam javila, u gužvi sam... oovaj tjedan ti šaljem mail:)

    Ugodnu nedjelju ti želim:)

  6. Haha, love Pantheras, I want one as a pet :)

  7. These are wonderful Natasha... your drawings are fabulous...

    Jenny x

  8. sadly it took me until the mermaid one before i realised that these were not existing animals.

    i'm sadly without wine.

    let me fix that, then i'm sure it will all become clear.

  9. These turned out great! I live the facts that go with them!

  10. These are terrific. Lovely style and lovely drawings.


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