Monday, October 3, 2011

Monday makes it day #3

I found this great blog Muddy Colors where you can find all these different and amazing contributors. I was totally mesmerized by the Art Out Loud recap post. I so wished I was there it gave me goose bumps.

I never watched an artist create in real life. Have you? I guess that would be my greatest wish to see one of these artists create in real life.

Seeing all these characters makes me want to go to the library and borrow some kick ass books on drawing. And probably human anatomy since it’s obviously the basis for drawing a human form.

In the meantime while I dream of being a good drawer feast your eyes on my mermaids. Then you’ll get to say you knew me when I sucked big time. :)

Linking to  The Butterfly Effect cause we want to see your faces this week. :) And to Artists in Blogland.

And I found out yesterday that I won Gritty Jane's giveaway!:)
A free spot on the Life Book course by Tamara Laporte aka willowing. I feel so lucky and excited. :)) Thank you!!

If you don't know what I'm talking about you need to head over there cause this e-course is freaking amazing. It will last the whole next year and not only will there be Tam teaching us but guest teachers as well.

Mystele, Wyanne, Gritty Jane,
Jane Davenport, Rhomany, Bonnie Rose,  
Juliette Crane, Effy Wild, Guadalupe Brizuela Cabal,
Adriana Almanza, Jodi Ohl, Connie Hozvicka,
Samantha Kira and another mystery teacher will be announced over the next 3 months.

Click on their names to find out who they are or go over to Tam's where she introduces everyone as well. :) Oh my gosh! Now I have to wait until January. Crazy! :)


  1. Congrats on winning the giveaway and woohoo on reaching day 3! Valerie

  2. Congrats on the free class Natasha :D
    your mermaids are so pretty, not at all like the scary ones in my head :D XXX

  3. LOVE your work ... usher your inner critic out the door, he has no right to criticize your beautiful mermaids! You LUCKY DUCK .. looks like a great course you won. I'm tempted. hugs, Donna

  4. Yes, I agree with everyone--I love these very unique mermaids (I can see them on cards in stores everywhere!)
    And Congratulations again--I signed up!

  5. LUCKY you....

    your mermaids are really fun and whimsical...

  6. Hi Natasha!!!! loving your collection of mermaids....and congrats on winning that giveaway...sounds pretty cool!!!!

  7. Čestitke za nagrado :-)

  8. I know!!! I saw your name....and after getting over my initial jealousy....was thrilled for you...haha!!

    I think you'll really do the course are so good at trying new things....and finding the time to do it!

    Love the mermies!

  9. YEAH! You won a spot on lifebook!! HOW COOL! Congratulations - I am hoping to take the class too - we will be in it together! AND you so do not suck!! YOU are awesome as you are - I am a huge fan!! xoxo

  10. Congratulations Natasha! I like your mermaids and you do not suck!!! Big hugs and blessings

  11. Slažems e s tobom radovi su prekrasni!
    Čestitam na nagradi:)

    LP. iz Rijeke:)

  12. oh my goodness! congrats to you! another dose of yumminess I am sure which will be reminiscent of our "flying lessons" fun.

  13. hi hot stuff
    i saw that you'd won and i was jealous.
    i'm going to stalk out the post that you mentioned, but not tonight... soosoooooo tired.

    i freaking hate ragging. no energy.

    ick. did i just share that on your blog???


  14. Your mermaids are so adorable! :) And congrats on winning a spot in Life Book. I've heard so much about it - I know you'll love it. :)

  15. I think you're already a great artist!!! Your mermaids are so cute! Congrats on your win ;o)

  16. What a super giveaway to win, congrats, and I love the mermaids so whimsical which should be true for mermaids I think.

  17. totally jealous of the life book win - but very happy for you! your mermaids are so sweet. loving the expression and pose on the one in lower right. perfect combination of impish/innocent. who me?

  18. love your mermaids, congrats on the course, sounds like so much fun!

  19. Please Natsha : I want trade a mermaid ATc with you.
    My pseudo in "ATC for All" is Liberty.


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