Saturday, October 22, 2011

Just plain weird #22

Next week it’s all about the surrealism at The Butterfly Effect. I thought I’d give it an early start since I’m planning to count down the last 7 days to Halloween.
Freaky ballerina on a huge Trojan horse.
And FallingLadies made up some questions for us to answer so here I go. I'm gonna split it in half so I'll have something to write about tomorrow. :)

1. What should you be doing right now instead of sitting on the computer?
Making myself some coffee. I wanted one about half an hour ago but then I got a phone call, I had to go outside to get the dogs, then my mom had to tell me something so in the mean time I forgot to make myself some coffee.

2. What's the messiest area of your house? and dare you to show us...
Wow! That would be my studio. It was all perfect until I started bringing in boxes from my previous apartment. It’s like a bomb exploded in there. I would show you but that would mean I had to get up and go upstairs and I don’t feel like it.

3. 5 simple things that make you happy right now, above and beyond the obvious like your family and your health...
  1. My pets. I find myself constantly amused by them. :) 
  2. The fact the snow is melting. 
  3. ATC’s make me happy. I love trading them. 
  4. Candy. The frog shaped kind. 
  5. That coffee from the first question would make me really happy right now.
4. When did you last cry?
Today. I cry all the time. Just give me something to watch. It can be sad or happy. I cry either way. My hubby is teasing me all the time.

He says: ” Honey, it’s ok. That didn’t happen in reality.

Well, f*ck you!
If they cry, I cry. :)

5. Favorite book...
Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.

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  1. yes.
    no one cries alone around me.


    p.s. some blog comments really get my goat and never see the light of day - grrrr

  2. the stuff!!!

    Girl on big 'ol horse...really fun!
    I don't cry easily...but a sentimental movie has me blubbering in no time :)

    Have a great weekend!

  3. If you wanna cry, just do it! Love the ballerina on the trojan horse! Valerie

  4. Ballerina on trojan horse? Way over the top - too exquisite for words! Sorry, #4 made me giggle. If they cry, I cry ... that's what it's all about isn't it? Enjoy this fabulous saturday. xxDonna

  5. I love that horse, so awesome, fat and beautiful! :)
    Have a great weekend!

  6. Love your ballerina on the huge trojan horse. Me I should be doing my grocery shopping right now!

  7. Now is this fun or what--I don't know who's better the horse or that ballerina--probably both the same :)
    The last place I should be is on this computer, and I would love that coffee too!

  8. You're speedy with the interview, thanks so much for linking up and sharing. I'm not a coffee drinker but we're together on the crying !
    Great horse and ballerina!

  9. doesn't crying release good hormones?!? if that's not a scientific fact, i'm still going to believe it. your freaky ballerina on the huge trojan horse is...FREAKY and I love it!

  10. that horse has some heft! i love it.

    and i read somewhere that a clean workspace is the sign of a simple mind. i can relate to your clutter!

    and, finally... if they cry, i cry... brilliant!

    thanks for sharing!

  11. I cry all the time, the more you cry the less you pee I think! So carry on crying and you can drink what you want!
    That little woman on that horse however made me smile so no good looking at her when you want to feel sad! Lol no serious she is great!

  12. What a fun and fabulous sketch...great interview too! POP ART MINIS

  13. Funny horse and ballerina! Thanks for sharing about yourself!
    Come by for some puddin n pie...

  14. Cute painting and I love your answer to number 4! LOL!

  15. Love the girl on the big horse.

  16. Pride and Prejudice is my favorite too! Read it several times and I have so many video versions of it, even the Indian one! I enjoyed your answers to the interview. Am planning to do it too! Patsy from

  17. so very fun to read your interview!

  18. Hi Natashamay -- Love your sense of humor and your surrealism. Pets can be very amusing and you aer making me want to mess up my art studio. Blessings Terri

  19. My hubby teases me too...until I make him cry...mwahahaha!
    That horse is just sooo it :D XXX


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