Sunday, October 2, 2011

I made it to day #2

Yesterday was a busy day. I had to take my gangster cat Charlie to the vet in the morning. Remember the incident when he attacked my hand 10 days ago?

Well, as it happens he didn’t get out of the cat fight unscratched. A couple of days ago I picked him up and I felt a lump on his chest. I thought it might go away by itself but it only got bigger. So the vet had to cut him open to clean the wound and cut out some dead tissue. Now he’s wearing a net dress to keep his bandages in place. He’s being a good kitty for now.

The other half of the day I spent celebrating two birthdays. My mother-in-law’s and my hubby’s great aunt’s granddaughter’s. I have no idea how to name that relation with just one word. :) I just tried but it all got even more confusing so I gave up. She's his cousin of some sort.

Anyway, I wasn’t home much but I did manage to sketch these two for a personal trade.:)
I now see I need to clean my scanner cause there are some cat hair on it. :)


  1. Maca je prekrasna!
    Crtež je prekrasan, jedva čekam da ga završiš.

    Lijep pozdrav, svrati do mene:)

  2. Net. Dress.
    There's a reason, right there, to snap photos unceasingly.

  3. Poor cat. Fancy having to wear a net dress! Perhaps a few frills to make him look like a ballerina? Well done on making it to day 2!!

  4. ah, two little cuties and a funny looking kitty, heal kitty!

  5. Hi, thanks for coming by my blog the other day ;o) Your poor kitty cat! I hope he is feeling better soon! Happy Birthday to everyone! And, love your sketches ;o) "Stacy"

  6. Oh hope you both pick up and heal really quickly! :)

  7. oh, sorry about your kitty, but glad to hear that he's on the mend! Love the sketches you've created...they look so fun! Thanks for popping by over at POP ART MINIS today and you super sweet comment! Have a great week!

  8. Congrats, you are lucky person: you win a free spot to Life Book workshops!!!!!Yeey!!!!

  9. Wow!! I see that you won the Life Book workshop--congratulations!! (hey--something to blog about tomorrow!)
    A net dress--I've never seen that before--way too cute.
    And good luck with your blogging everyday--that REALLY IS a challenge!

  10. Congratulations! I see over on Gritty Jane's blog that you won a place in the Life Book workshop!! Lucky you!!

  11. great start on your ATC's. Poor baby - both you and your kitty. I have never see them put a cat in a net before. brilliant. take care, hugs from Mexico, Donna

  12. Love that cat net....though based on your last comment, it may not keep shedding at bay like I was hoping...haha!

    Poor Charlie....hope he's back in top form soon....


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