Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Linky Party!!

Welcome to my very FIRST 
Halloween Linky Party!!! 
Look at my costume! 
I'm looking fine, aren't I ?!
I have a little Raggedy Ann going on, don't you think? :) 
Don't be shy! 
Come in and join the party!

This really is my first ever Halloween party cause Halloween is not something we celebrate in our country. Well, not on the 31st October anyway. :) If you want to read about it I wrote a little something over here. So, I’m making up for it today.

First off a history lesson. 
I got it from wiki caues we all know that's where you go if you need information these days, right?! :) 

Did you know we have Irish to thank for the Halloween? Mhm. they thought of it first. If it wasn't for their celebration of Samhain there would be no Halloween today. Samhain means "summer's end" and it got all that wicked stuff attributed later on through history.

The carving of jack-o'-lanterns comes from the souling custom of carving turnips into lanterns as a way of remembering the souls held in purgatory. But Americans started carving punpkins cause they were much larger and easily available.

Trick-or-treating derived from "guising" which means almost the same as it does now but the difference is that with guising a kid had to perform a "trick" to get a treat. Nowadays it's the other way around. If you don't give out a treat you get tricked. :)

Now it's your turn! Show us your costume, your decorations, your treats or whatever. Anything Halloween is fine with me.

Link your Halloween post below so everyone can visit you and make sure you talk to everyone. Nobody likes a lurker. Unless that's your costume. Then it's ok. :)

Thanks so much for coming!
Mary Walker
Kristin Dudish
Pop Art Minis
Marcia Beckett  
Robin Panzer
Kitty &Co


  1. i totally want a hot dog now. like i'm vegan, but i seriously want a weenie.
    happy halloweenie nastasa!

  2. I wish I'd come sooner, uggh I have nothing to wear (or blog)... but will visit your partiers & see what they came up with :) Happy Halloween!

  3. Fun, fun!!!
    It would be hard to carve a turnip, I'd think...
    I knew I liked the Irish....yummy accents....great whiskey...and now....Halloween! It's my favorrrrrrite! ;P

  4. This is SUCH a cool idea! Love your post and wish you so much fun at the party ;) xoxo

  5. well, I learned something-I had no idea my country folk were responsible for halloween! am sure they could never have predicted it would become such an elaborate holiday!

    I don't usually celebrate it but didn't want to miss out on your party today! so, happy halloween!

  6. Always love your research, Natasha. Andrea for whatever reason I couldn't post on your facebook ... way to go girl -- love the drawing. Happy Halloween everyone. Great Idea Natasha .. hope the idea grows and grows and next year goes world wide! hugs, Donna

  7. love your friend Andrea's dark angel!!! beautiful. couldn't comment on facebook!
    Happy haunting!

  8. Happy Halloween! Wheee!
    This is fun, fun, fun!


  9. whoohooo...thanks for hosting the Halloween Party! Love the invite! :)

  10. Hope Im not too late, late night last night even later morning today so only just saw this! Hope you have a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!

  11. Mwaaahhhhaaaaa what a great party... now who are the real witches and zombies and who is just dressed up???

  12. fun...but i have nothing yet to add...tomorrow perhaps???

  13. I almost hated to add my link because you already had a lovely, spooky 13! I couldn't resist though! Happy Halloween!

  14. Great post Natasha! You are looking really fine ;o) I love all the information about Halloween ;o) I hope you are having a spooky day ;o)

  15. Just wanted to drop in and say Thanks for a wonderful idea and a wonderful day. I so enjoyed having a peek at all the great work you introduced me to. :o) Donna

  16. Hi Natasha, I thought I'd share a real spirit that came through my daughters photo last year. He is wearing a top hat. I kid you not we do not own a top hat. The spirit is a good one though so don't worry. A dimension bleed through!

  17. I love your girl and the Raggedy Ann style! Happy Halloween!


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