Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Halloween countdown!

The countdown to Halloween has begun! 

It’s perfect you see cause the Blogtober fest ends on Halloween as well and I’ll be back to blogging 3 times a week. Will you miss me? :) I must say I quite enjoyed myself blogging every day. But I’m running out of ATC’s to show you so I can’t keep it up.

I’m starting this party with some haunted houses. I’ve never been to one nor know of one. I did live in this old squeaky house but nothing weird happened. I have cats and any kind of noise that I hear I write it off as theirs.

I have these two cats that open doors and I had friends over a couple of times when the cats would open the door and they were all like What was that! And I was like What? Oh, that. That’s the cat. :) I got used to the noises so much I don’t even register them anymore.

But I used to watch Ghost hunters and I just remembered that they did come to investigate one castle here in Slovenia and their conclusion was that it is haunted. I don’t remember ever being there but I think that I was when I was in an elementary school. We were always going on field trips and I don’t remember a single one.
Hey! Let's  have a linky party on the Halloween? What you say? It gives you a week to come up with a Halloween theme which I bet you were planning to do anyway. I'll put up a linky for you and we can have a party! :) Ok? Deal!

We're having a Halloween Linky Party on the 31st October.

Make sure you'll join! :)



  1. Your haunted houses are great - love the different shapes ... all different personalities. xxDonna

  2. Lovely, spooooooky houses, just great! Valerie

  3. beautiful ATC´s ^^ maybe we can swap some ? ..Thank you for your nice comment!^^ I am following you now...♥Ady

  4. yes. i will halloween with you.
    i will link.


  5. Awesome ATC's Natasha! I hope your party goes well! Hugs and blessings

  6. Haunted houses are certainly an autumn tradition here. We have some locally that run the whole month of October! Love your little drawings!

    And hey...your Murphy looks just like my Tiger. :)

  7. spooky scary houses! Love the colours.

  8. hey Natasha, those are wicked halloween ATCs you've created! very spooky. Love how you keep them all looking like a series. Halloween is coming up so quickly, I wish I could prepare to join in some of the blog parties, but I know I can't get anything done that quickly.

    thanks for stopping by my blog, I did remember you had tried Raw foods a while ago. We both live in places that get cold and snowy, so doesn't really work for me. It's mostly smoothies here too, and I never thought to add cinnamon! thanks for the tip.

    ps I can't believe you already got 15cms of snow, lol! (I saw it in an early post).
    glad your internet is back up

    take care

  9. I love the witchy woo houses, I'm not sure if I beleive in ghosts or not,, I have never been in a haunted house but I have saw tv shows about them and i usually turn the channel.. I'm a wuss.

  10. Oh these are soo cool. Love how the houses and moons have changed and evolved.

  11. These are great, what fun! Love all the variations! I can't watch ghost Hunters I'm too much of a scaredy cat.

  12. Wow, love your haunted houses! Especially the way the moon and windows glow in each one :)

  13. Hi... thanks for popping by my little blog :) Phew blogfest has been a challenge hey but good fun too!

    Great halloween illustrations :)

  14. Love all your brilliant haunted houses, they really do look spooky!

  15. Wonderful Halloween art!

  16. WOW! What a fun collection of cool Haunted houses...LOVE the MOON!

  17. Welcome Natasha--please read teh guidelines (on side bar) for CREATIVe TUESDAYs. this does not meet it so can not add to montage but please try again next week.

    You would need to have done post specifically for CREATIVE TUESDAYS with that in the posts' title, as well as mention "Autumn, the theme, and be on the theme itself, as opposed to halloween.

    Thank you for your interest. Would love to see your work next time around.

  18. Natasha, I love your aceo's! You should sell them! And, you made me laugh about your cats! LOL! I will see about the party. Go to my blog ;o) You will be happy ;o)

  19. krasne slike za noč čarovnic!!!!

  20. Spooky and enchanting! Wonderful ATC's! Are they avail for trade?

    I can't leave any doors or cabinets slightly open....otherwise my cats will keep scratching at them til they can squeeze their way thru and explore what's on the other side...do yours run up and down stairs like elephants, too?

    Even blogging 3x a week is ambitious to me....I'm just glad I won't miss as many of your posts anymore and have to play catch up like this :)


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