Saturday, October 15, 2011

Freak out # 15

So, yesterday I had a little freak out. I was checking all the participants in PPF and leaving comments then something strange happened.

I left a comment but it said I was bea and not NatashaMay. I thought Google is acting up again so I logged off. But when I tried to log back in I got this message on my screen.
It's in my language but what it says is that I need to give them my mobile phone number so they can send me a code to enter my account. I was freaked out that my e-mail was hacked so I gave the Google my phone number and they sent me the code.

Afterwards I freaked out even more cause now I gave the hacker my phone number as well and access to my e-mail. So I googled as I usually do to find out what the hell is going on.

Well, apparently nobody hacked into my account but because I didn't give my phone number to Gmail when they asked me nicely they closed down my account and got it the hard way.

Seriously! WTF!! They actually closed down my account! Like my blogs weren't there either. It wasn't just that I couldn't log in. They weren't there! Now I'm pissed!

Has this happened to you, too? What am I supposed to do now?

Here's a little ATC Giraffe to lighten up the mood. :)
And a little Ladybug & Giraffe Chimera. :)


  1. EWWWE! That's when you realize we are at the mercy of these huge corporations! Have not had that experience, however it would be interesting because I don't have a mobile phone let alone a number. I wonder what happens in that case! Would I never be able to get back into my account? Interesting and very distressing. Do love your little Ladybug giraffe. So gorgeous. I mean, seriously, it's not like we could even pick up the phone and call a 'person' at google! I'd be interested to know more on this one if you find anything out. hugs, Donna

  2. To se mi zdi pa zelo čudno, ker še nisem slišala, da bi moral kdo takole na silo dati svojo telefonsko. Res pa je, da imajo na voljo to možnost, ki se je tebi ponudila, da se tvoj račun preverja s kodo. Jaz sem si to vklopila sama zaradi tega ravno, da mi nekdo ne more vdreti v račun, ker ne more do njega s kodo tudi če ga hacka. Si prepričana, da si nisi kje v nastavitvah tega vklopila sama, pa morda sploh ne veš? To se mi zdi še najbolj verjetno.

  3. Si si morda kaj spreminjala v mailu pod Options/Mail Settings/Accounts and Import/Change account settings?

  4. Natasha, why are they asking you of your mobile number? I haven't experience that but certainly I am curious why they asked in the first place. I hope you can solve this soon. As for your painting.. it's gorgeous! Love the giraffe with the bedbug on its back.. creative! Harmonythoughts

  5. this actually has happened to me too! And I tell you I thought I was just going to faint away. All that work not backed up ANYWHERE! not a good experience. But I did eventually get all access back.

  6. Fingers crossed everything is okay!! I LOVE your Lady and Giraffe - what a wonderful print this would make for a nursery! xoxo

  7. Just a tiny slip and disaster occurs! Have they no mercy?

  8. wait what?
    i need to reread all of this. hang on.
    so your blogs like DIDN't exist for that duration?

    i don't give google my phone number either, and they do periodically request it.

    i really REALLY hate google, but i like blogger platform,
    although i will confess that i have often considered the move to wordpress.


  9. Yikes - I can't believe that happened - I totally would have freaked out too! (Maybe Friday the 14th is actually worse than Friday the 13th?)

    I hope everything is much better now!

    I love this chimera... it's an adorable combination... something so small with something so tall :)


  10. Gosh, they haven't asked for my mobile number, seems quite extreme!! Glad you got it sorted.

    And I love your ladybird/giraffe chimera.

  11. Well, I don't have a mobile number, I wonder what they would do with me? Love your aceo, too cute!!!

  12. Never heard of that! Gosh, I'll have to be extra aware now! Thanks for the warning!

    The giraffe did help lighten the cute :)

  13. Google recently asked for my mobile number too, supposedly so I could get into my account if I forgot my password. I didn't give it to them. Fortunately, I don't use blogger for my blog and I don't use gmail for my regular email so there is a limit to what they can do to me to get it. I guess they could shut down my google calendar but if they did I'd just switch to something else. I won't be bullied.

    I love your pretty giraffe, btw!


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