Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Digital Girl #12

I had a request to draw a digital girl. Not to draw a girl digitally but to draw a digital girl. 
What in hell is a digital girl? 
I feel so old. 
I have to Google everything so I know what the f*ck people are talking about.
Those are headphones if you're wandering. :)
Well, I don't know how digital she is but she's cute, right? And she's supposed to be in a matrix. That green background is a matrix. Just thought I should explain that.

I got some books to read from a friend of mine. I'm quite liking the Irish Devil from Diane Whiteside. :) If you ever get bored you should deffinitely pick up that book. And if you want my advice -- skip over the boring part and get to the juicy stuff. :) And there is no devil or any kind of supernatural in there it's just a metaphore.


  1. Definately cute....and high tech looking to me ;)

  2. Well, I'm a more than a 'little out of it' myself on these topics, but she looks like she could have been drawn in a computer program ... does that count? Probably not! I think she's sexy. Love the RED, my favorite colour. Matrix? Oh, don't worry, I do GET that at least. You are still interested enough to google ... so you can't be o*d ... he he. hugs, Donna

  3. Great piece, she sure looks digi to me! Valerie

  4. I have no idea what a digital girl is either--but she is very cool--I love your style!

  5. Your digital girl is adorable and I didn't know what a digital girl was either! LOL!

  6. bwahahahahah...I'm not sure not knowing what a digital girl is related to age. Although ok..I'm older too so maybe!

    denyse dar via blogtoberfest
    your life is a work of art!

  7. A digital girl. Well. I - oh! I almost said something VeRy not politically correct.
    I'll tell you my awful thought in email.
    You did a nice job with this digital girl thing.

  8. I hate google reader - now I have to jump through all kinds of hoops to get back to the book recommendation.
    Stupid phones....

  9. I wouldnt of known either but she definately is very cute!

  10. Oh wow, sleek! Your on a roll! :)


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