Saturday, October 29, 2011

# 29 Frankie's bride

Have you noticed, my dears, that I have been blogging every day in the month of October?

Yes I have! Thanks to Blogtoberfest. :)

I had so much fun and I hope you’ve enjoyed yourselves as well.

There are 2 days left to Halloween and Frankie’s bride has come to visit.

Isn’t she pretty?
And sexy!
Way to go girl!:)

So, I’ve been digging some dirt on this gal. She’s a creation of the movies in 1935 as opposed to Frankenstein who was created in a book by Mary Shelley in 1818. And they didn’t bother to give her a name that’s why she is known only as the Bride of Frankenstein.
Frankie's bride
How many of you are dressing up as Frankie’s brides on Halloween? 

Will you come to my party? 

It’s on 31st October and all you have to do is link your Halloween post to a Mr. Linky on my blog and the fun will begin. :)

Linking to the Artists in Blogland today.



  1. well researched and well portrayed. What time is it there .. you must be up at the crack of dawn (or else you are posting automatically). Love that she is 'green' .. but then what other colour would I expect! hugs Donna

  2. What a scary bride! Lovely painting! Valerie

  3. Of course I love her--how could you not!
    Hope you have a great Halloween --one of my favorite times of year--I love all this spooky stuff.
    P.S. and congrats on blogging everyday!!

  4. LOVe this! Happy Halloween....that is a great costume...i am going as a ghoul!

  5. Love the drawing. She certainly does has that "come and get me" air about her. Congrats on blogging every day, that takes some doing.

  6. loving all these Halloween posts and art!!!

  7. I love Frankie's bride!!! She's beautiful. I could see her on a greeting card or a t-shirt or something of the sort. :)

  8. Nice entry, you have a intersante space
    if you like the lyrics full of tenderness, poetry,
    I invite you to my spaces,
    happy weekend.
    a hug.

  9. how am i missing these posts? i wonder if you aren't showing up in my dashboard again?


    you are hiding your blog from me.


  10. Natasha, she is very cute and sexy! I am not home right now, but I will be at your party ;o) I brought my computer to keep in touch ;o) Take Care ;o)

  11. You have some funky Halloween spooky gals! Love it!

  12. My Mom always wanted to dress me as her for Halloween....but she says I told her I always needed to be "pretty"...good thing the Disney Princess craze wasn't around then....yikes!

    Seems I've grown out of my pretty phase...and on to my...put deodorant on and go part of my life instead :)

    She is a sexy brought back from the dead girl, isn't she?!

  13. I love the Bride of Frankenstein you've created. Wow, you've been blogging everyday, that's amazing!
    I love your work!
    Happy belated Halloween!
    Sorry I missed the party, I was moving.
    Warm wishes,


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