Wednesday, October 26, 2011

# 26 One day closer

First of, so I don't forget. Amy is having a FREE live video workshop TODAY 26h October at 3 pm CST. Come on over! :)

Did you know that in my country we don’t really celebrate Halloween? It’s only been recently with the influence of the American culture that has become more popular but nothing to the extent that it is in America.

We do have a national holiday on 1st November called Day of the dead but it’s not the same as Mexican Dia de los Muertos. We’re more conservative visiting the graves and so on.

But we do have a holiday that would be similar to Halloween in February or March. Depends on the Easter. It’s supposed to be on Tuesday in the 7th week before Easter. Oh, wait. You’ve heard of the mask carnival in Venice right? That about sums it up but we have kurentovanje. We go trick or treating, too. Well, I don’t do it anymore but I did as a child.

Anyway. Way back Amy had a Summer Witch Party over at the Flutterbye ning and I even managed to make one witch. :)
Traded to Gina. :)

I think witches are cool. I know in “old” days and in fairytales witches were mean and ugly but these days they are cute, sexy and good.

We’re having a linky party here on my blog on Halloween. There really is nothing to it. Just post something halloweenish and link it here on Monday 31st October. Easy peasy! :) I'll have Mr linky ready.

And I made a Halloween Party Button. :) Feel free to spread the love around. Thanks! :)



  1. Really delightful drawing. I love this beautiful witch. I'm sorry you're having trouble commenting on my blog, must be a blogger problem.

  2. In Germany carnival is celebrated very big, too! Valerie

  3. čudovite stvari prihajajo izpod tvojih rok!!

  4. Oh she is a lovely witch, Natasha! Carnival is big in Mexico as well. I think this is the country of Fiestas. Day of the Dead is slowly but surely fading away, as the american Halloween takes it's tole on the young people who think it's so cool. I'm so sorry to see this beautiful tradition disappear into the annals of time, however, that's life isn't it. It's still big here in many of the smaller towns and I enjoy the tradition very much. Hope to be able to get out to see the alters. hugs, Donna

  5. I have so much fun reading your blogposts, I love all the information you're sharing, and your art is gorgeous as always! Seems I am so busy reading your blog, I forget to update mine ;-)

  6. Love your "natasha-style" witch!
    We sure do celebrate Halloween around here. It's coming up so fast, that I almost forgot about it (but not anymore:)
    I had my BIG dentist appointment yesterday --sleep dentistry--the only way to to go--now I can concentrate on Halloween!!

  7. Prav fletna čarovnička☺

  8. darling witch! that's interesting that you have a day of the dead holiday, but it's different from the Mexican one. And a carnival around Easter? that's cool!
    We enjoy Halloween here in Canada, I love walking around the neighborhoods checking out the displays. I don't do much in my own home, just add a few witches around the house, and some nice garland.


  9. hello and thank you for visiting my blog! Your blog is awesome, and I am following you!!
    I LOVE your witch!! I think I might be a good witch myself!! LOL!!
    I would love to attend your party! I will take your button soon, and put it on my blog.
    Your picture is fabulous, and I can't wait for your party!!

  10. love seeing all of your halloween artwork! so inspiring :)

    best wishes to you!


  11. i'm taking a button :))
    i need to make something halloweenie.
    otherwise i'll post last year's halloween atc's.

    so right. i'll make something new :)))


  12. I love your art Natasha!! Makes me smile always! And, those holidays you have, sound more fun than Halloween! So cool ;o) Have a great one ;o)

  13. I have this witch and she is even more beautiful in real life :D Looking forward to you party :D XXX

  14. What neat Holidays you have! I'd love to have a separate day to remember our loved ones passed.....that would be a nice departure from the stress of making the perfect costume and the sugar overload!

    Though, more and more people are opting out of door to door trick or treating seems to be moving more towards organized events instead...
    Love your new button and cute little witch!


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