Monday, October 24, 2011

# 24 Surrealistic Story

While the girl with a blue scarf reminisced about her hair, a whooshing sound came over her head.

"Oh my goodness!" the girl exclaimed.

She couldn’t believe her eyes. Was that her blue horse?
He was different. He had wings and a man on his back. But the man wasn’t an ordinary man it was that man of questionable origins that she saw in the window at that place where night meets day.

She shivered as she remembered the old wives tale of the man with no face. Nobody knew where he came from but everyone knew that no woman was safe when he turned up.
She recalled a story of this beautiful girl with golden locks. The girl was sitting by her window one night when she spotted the man with no face by the bushes.

She was startled for a second but composed herself right away to ask him of his business.
He said: “No worries little lady. I’ve come to collect the gold.” 

She was puzzled as she knew her family had no gold.

“Whatever do you mean, kind sir?” she asked.

And before she could finish her words the man leaped straight up to the window and grabbed the girl by her hair.

“I want your golden locks.” the man said in sinister voice.

Before she could open her mouth to protest he pulled out a sword and cut off her head.
The girl with the blue scarf shivered at the thought and thanked the skies for having her mother’s ruby red hair instead of her father’s golden locks. At least ... that’s what she thought.

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  1. Yikes! Good thing I didn't read that last night ... you are a good story teller Natasha! AND a good illustrator -- are you feeling a book coming on? hugs, Donna

  2. Great story with illustrations, good and creepy.

  3. Ooooooow!!!!! Fabulous!! Love your artwork, and luuuurve the way you tied all the stories so far together :D XXX

  4. natasa.
    this is awesome.

    i LOVE what you did with this.

    Everytime i think i know what someone will do with it so far, i am totally surprised :))

    this is great!!


    also - i'm kookoonuts about the illustrations.

    but you know i admire your talent.

  5. ooo, this was good,, I think I'm your newest follower

  6. oh my, what a twist this story keeps taking,,,, I can't even think about my part when so much could happen before then...
    great job!

  7. This was excellent Natasha!!! Great twist! A+++ And, I love the paintings you did along with the story!!

  8. super!
    všeč mi je tvoj način izražanja!

  9. Love that it follows a story. Love the paintings. :)

  10. Hahahaha just read your lovely comments on my blog. Yes, that DID happen. Lol. I wish we were neighbours too, I'd surround myself in your gorgeous art! x

  11. Oh WOW, I LOVE where you went with this, and I agree- SO very glad I didn't read it just before bed time last night! I bow to you- fabulous storytelling and amazing art- ending up with a gorgeous combination!

  12. wow-- very dark. the illustrations are a perfect match for the story.


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