Thursday, October 13, 2011

#13 Let's get wet

Guys, you need to help me out here. I need some suggestions what to blog about. I mean, I have some atc's to show you but there really isn't any story behind them.
Amy got this one. :)
They are obviously fairies and I'm linking them to The Butterfly Effect. Just because I can. And because they have wings. I mean I can't win my own giveaway but you can. Go over there and enter. Go now! :)
My favorite so far.
Ok, some random stuff that I would probably not have blogged about but I'm running out of ideas. :))
* I'm training my pooches for agility. Ok, I train the big one Karma and my Mom trains the little one Kika. She needs a haircut. I like the word pooch. :)
* So, I had an appointment at my gynecologist yesterday. Don't you just hate it when they scrape stuff in there? I swear I can feel it for the entire day. Anyway there are some changes on my cervix and I'm scheduled for a laser operation one month from now. Nothing to worry about it's just another nuisance I have to deal with.
*I like this song right now.

* Let's see if you really read all that I write and answer me this question. :) What's your favorite cooked dish? Mine changes from time to time. I used to love spaghetti with tomato sauce, rucola and parmesan cheese. Rucola makes all the difference. I think it's called arugula in English but rucola sounds better to me. :)) I still like it but I'm not in the neighborhood anymore where that restaurant is located so I don't eat it as often
* I need to dye my hair. Orangie-red-ish. Cause I want to. And because I'm getting gray hair on my temples. I wonder if I'll ever have the guts to dye my hair blond? I'm a brunette with brown eyes and yellow undertoned skin (oppose to pink). Blond does not look good on me. But I'm curious.

Remember! I'll know if you read everything or not. :))


  1. That Nicole is sure a pretty girl...

    I hate the scraping...been postponing that damn appointment for a year now...I know...I gotta just go and get it over with...

    I've been graying more and more every year since the skunk patch I had appear in High School...the temples is the hard to keep the color there as it is constantly rubbed when you wash your face...
    For blond, get a wig...too damaging to do it for real...

    I love food! Hard to choose a fave...but since I started my low carb plan up again, I've been thinking a lot about stuffed pasta dishes...mmmm....

  2. Gorgeous artwork Nat.

    Hmmm, my fav food would be any kind of curry. Preferable spicy.

    As fas as going blonde: just do it if you feel the need to. You can always change it if you don't like it.

    Is this enough proof or do I need to write more.

    Kyles :D

  3. Beautiful ATC's :)
    Doesnt need to be a reason to blog, just do it I do and people prolly think why did she blog about that lol I dont mind :)
    Icky scraping is one thing I dread having done, rather visit the dentist.
    Lately my favourite cooked meal is really only half cooked, its my crumbed chicken salad, rather yummy and the boys all love it.

  4. Striped air would be the solution! Go mad and have lots of colours, it would be fun! Valerie

  5. I am easily entertained, so pictures are fine. :o) Love your winged ATC's. LOVE a good standing rib roast once in awhile with yorkshire pudding ... no good beef in Mexico though. I think I'm craving some. Scraping, yucky and necessary .. a difficult combination. Go mad with your hair just once if you want to. I was blonde for awhile in my 'youth' and LOVED it. Zing what a feeling. There are different shades of blonde so a good hairdresser might be able to help you with your skin colour. hugs, Donna

  6. Hehe, ja, prebrala do konca. Saj vedno, samo komentiram zadnje čase bolj redko. Kaj pa vem, lena sem.
    Po moje je čist ok, da blogaš o čemer koli ti paše. Če komu kaj ni všeč, te pač ne bo bral. Vsi imamo kake trenutke, ko kaj moramo dat iz sebe.. ne glede na vse. Vseeno pa verjamem, da imaš bralk cel kup in da bomo ostale s tabo :)
    Ginekologi? jijks.. ampak potrebni.
    Hrana? težko rečem, da mi je karkoli res ljubo. Zadnje čase mi vedno več hrane smrdi. No, ostajam zvesta npr. zabeljenemu krompirju v oblicah, takemu nemastnemu :))) pa zdaj, ko je mraz, kaka boranija ali pa segedin zraven.. njams. Poleti pa solate.

  7. I'd say that you have a lot to blog about :)
    These next 2 months for me are yucky--major dental work and usual medical procedures (things you have to deal with at my age :)
    And food--as you age, it becomes even more delicious--I love any home cooked food!! Right now I have a craving for Lasagna!

  8. Isn't it funny how you get to craving stuff with tomato based sauces? Like, ive been dying for some pasta or lasagna, but I cannot really be bothered to make it. K did get an outdoor smoker recently so I'll say my favorite thing that I Should make is smoked pizza.
    Show us random photos of your house!

    Ugh. Was the gyno a man? They always say, 'now this won't hurt..,' wha- have you got a portable vag in your pocket???

    Yes! Dye your hair blonde! The yellow undertones wil make you look soooooooo exotic!

  9. You are so funny Natasha! First of all, I love your art! I don't mind you blogging about your art all the time! Good luck on training your pooches! Should be fun ;o) Good luck with your laser operation! Will be thinking of you! My favorite cooked dish is my mom's home made perogies with sour cream, butter and fried onions! I love spaghetti too ;o) Go for dying your hair, whatever colour you like ;o) Have fun! I wish I could, but when I was sick, I lost a lot of my hair! Don't have much left! Have a great day!

  10. I just love your art and your ATC's so more of that would be great.
    I've always wanted to dye my hair blue! but the best thing is you can dye it back if it looks awful (post photos first though!) Fav food - my creamy bacon pasta, made with cream cheese not cream!
    So I have two suggestions for you - take a walk and photograph your route? And answer the following question - "5 years ago I......?"
    Have a great day
    Kirst x

  11. Love you Wings paintings! I keep saying I'm going to train my pooch but I never get around to it. My favorite home cooked meal is a really really good beef stew...slow cooked all day so the flavors blend totally....served with warm bread or hot cheesy biscuits Yummmmm:)

  12. Oh the pressure is on!!!! LOL My favorite cooked dish? I like to make this Greek style chicken. Sauteed chicken breasts over a bed of sauteed spinach with tomatoes, black olives and feta cheese. :) Your paintings are so adorable, as always. I hate going to the gynecologist. Hate. It. I love going to the dentist more than I like going there! LOL I say go for dying your hair...why not? If you don't like it, you can always dye it something different. :) My dogs are less than agile...LOL I am sure you will do a wonderful job! Thanks for sharing the video - I am sorry to say that I am not a fan of Nicole's music. But I will listen openly to anything! :) Maybe you can share some cultural of interesting places, restaurants, landmarks. It would be neat to see...I adore learning about different places and seeing other countries that I might never go to! :)

  13. Hi Natasha,
    Yep, I can relate to that scraping feeling...ughh... and my last visit my dr found fibroids, only small but the manipulation left me in real discomfort for a couple of days! Not fun.

    I can relate to that "what do I blog about" feeling lol You are not alone! But you always have something interesting! I love looking at your aceo art...they are precious!

    Oh, and my favorite food...hmm I think I will go with spaghetti too. With garlic bread. mmmm. and maybe a caesar salad on the side. Have a great weekend!


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