Sunday, September 18, 2011

Unicorns vs. Zombies

It's supposed to be an age old question.  
Zombies vs. Unicorns
But frankly I haven't heard of it until Amy made us pick a team. So that said. I must be very young. :)

I, being an inspiring romance novel writer (rofl) made up a story for ya. :)

There was a magical land hidden in the depths of an ancient rainforest where no man has set foot on. It was a beautiful place where Unicorns lived.

Whitey was the stallion of the Unicorn herd. Beautiful muscular horse with a long silver horn and a main so magnificent it would radiate all colors of the rainbow when sunrays would beam over it. Must I say he was every Unimares dream? 
Whitey the Unicorn Stallion
He would skim through the grounds of his territory every day making sure everyone was safe and happy. Of course he would check out the mares along the way. He always had a thing for a beautiful red head Ruby that would tease him with batting her glamorous eyelashes at him and swinging her ruby red tail in rhythm of his heartbeat. She was a tease but he didn’t mind as he knew that one day she will be his.

One day he woke up with an ominous feeling in his gut. He was cautious all day looking for signs of trouble as he knew his intuition never failed him.

It was at the very North edge of his territory when he heard a ruffling noise. It was the kind he couldn’t contribute to any animal living in the Unicorn land. The noise was somewhat sinister making his muzzle snort and his main stand up in defensive manor. He wasn’t afraid though because it wasn’t in his nature. After all he was a Unicorn.

All of a sudden he heard a frightful scream. The kind only a Unimare in pain could exhale. He never heard it before as the Unicorns were very illusive and very hard to capture but he remembered the myths that were passed on to him from his father and his father before him. They were gruesome stories of capturing Unicorns with fair maidens to steal their magical horns.

He hurried through the forest growth in direction of the horrible screams. The closer he got the louder his heart beat as he recognized the voice of his beloved Ruby. When she came into his vision he was horrified at the sight. She laid there on the emerald moss in a pool of her own silver blood as these nasty rotting creatures took bites out of her beautiful body.

In his mind there was rage building as well as a hint of confusion. How ever are these creatures still standing drinking the Unicorns blood?

It is known for the blood of a Unicorn to be deadly to every thing living for the blood of an innocent and pure creature should never be caused to flow. It hit him then. They might be standing but they are not living. He remembered his father’s words telling him about Zombies. 
Zombie the fair maiden
Another tiny yelp escaped from the battered Ruby. He stormed into the crowd of nasty creatures and horned them one by one until none of them were left standing. He stood triumphantly over their bodies for a second with red streams coming down from his horn then turned to his beloved.

Her body was half eaten but he knew she will be all right because the only way for the Unicorn to die was to remove his or hers horn. Ruby’s horn was splattered with her silver blood mixed with the red of her attackers but still soundly attached to her head.

A couple of days have passed but Ruby wasn’t getting any better from the attack. They figured she caught some sort of infection from the beasts which was turning her into one of them. The whole herd was terrified for her and for themselves. There were even some that were considering killing her to protect their loved ones.
Ruby the Zombie Unimare
But Whitey wouldn’t hear of it. There was still another chance. He offered a part of his horn to heal her. Unicorn’s horn is said to have magical healing powers. It heals diseases and neutralizes poisons and he being the stallion his horn is ten times more powerful. The magic worked. Ruby recovered almost instantaneously and was given back the red shimmer of her coat.

Needless to say Whitey and Ruby ended up getting married giving life to beautiful Unifoals and living happily ever after. Ever after being a long time since Unicorns live forever.

So it's Amy's birthday today and I'm helping to celebrate. :) I'm also linking to The Butterfly Effect cause there will be Mythical Creatures there all week long. And you don't want to miss my video tutorial so make sure you stop by. :)


  1. Prekrasni radovi, pogotovo onaj mali konjić, presladak je!

    Lijep pozdrav:)

  2. Poor Ruby - lucky she had whitey there to save the day!!

  3. HI there, these are beautiful pictures made by you, very nice nad comforting to look at, i can fully imagine how much solace it provides to you. regards, sonia

  4. Love the story and your uni-whatsits and zombies! Valerie

  5. Excellent story Natasha :D The images you made to go with it are awesome :D XXX

  6. :)
    ruby's mom never told her that she didn't have to marry the first man who stuck his magical horn in her.

    i love this story.

    wait. hang on. i see a link in your sidebar tha ti want to follow it says you were published in.. and i want to see the link, BUt if i click the link now before i finish commenting, then my comment will die..


  7. Great story! Thank goodness that there's another unicorn around here.

  8. wonderful story, unicorns are soooo much better than zombies!

  9. Go team Zombie, love your art!

  10. I love when unlikely things come together and create something beautiful. I want Ruby!

  11. Great story! I loved the idea of a zombie unicorn combination. Hmmm. Go team zombie :)

  12. Woohoo!
    Love conquers all... ; )

  13. Go team unicorn!! lovely artwork and I really like the my little pony-ish unicorn!

  14. great story. i keep seeing this unicorn v zombie thing on different blogs but not yet had time to check it out properly. love your illustrations though, first time I've ever seen a cute zombie!

  15. Ha Ha Haaaa l love the story babe, but come on, come onnnnn... you picked Unicorns???? What the ????? Love the story & the pretty pony Zomicorn LOL, too cool!! Want to do the Butterfly Effect soo bad but on hols, street art last week & didn't get to post... a filthy unicorn speared it, said it was MY fault for joining the Zoms!!!!

  16. Your story is WONDERFUL! Loved it. When is the book coming out. YEAH! hugs, Donna

  17. this is all so fun! thinking i'd like to try a unicorn now...

    thank you for the inspiration!

    best wishes,

  18. wow natasha, I was spellbound, reading your story. I've never heard of this Unicorn Vs. Zombies thing...
    I thought you'd actually let the poor unicorn die, lol!
    good jub!

  19. So did the foals come out pink? ;P

  20. Super cute, Natasha! Even the zombie girl and unicorn!

  21. Ha! I loved your story and the illustrations - and I loved reading other's comments about it too - you are multi-talented - artist and writer! xoxo

  22. totally fun. loving the fair maiden in particular, with her sultry pose.


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