Monday, September 26, 2011

Totems as tribal art?

Thanks everyone for expressing your concern about my cat bite. :) I did go to the doctor's and she gave me antibiotics for it. It's gotten better since Friday so hopefully I'll get to paint again in a day or two.

Isn't it funny how we always leave things to be done tomorrow? You know when you don't feel like doing something right now so you tell yourself it can wait until tomorrow? Yeah! That can backfire sometimes.

Like you can get bitten by a cat and you can't finish a zillion atc's you've promised people you'll do. Ok, so it's not a zillion but I still have to do cards for 3 swaps. That alone is 12 cards and then another 10 for personal trade. Because I agreed before the tomorrow came along. :) And I have my eye on a 4th swap but I really had to hold myself back from signing up.

And for swaps the deadline is in 8-10 weeks but the mail is so unreliable that I cannot count on it to deliver on time if it's too close to the deadline. I mean, I had my cards get to USA in like 4 days but one set traveled almost 7 weeks which is concerning.

And I wanted to do some tribal art for The Butterfly Effect over the weekend to post today but as I said before, tomorrow came. :) So again, you get to see some "oldies" from my ATC stash.

Oh, wait. I just changed my mind! I did some totem animals for a swap and this kind of counts as tribal art, right? And this is the set that traveled for 7 weeks to US. :) It all fits! You'll get to see mermaids some other time.

Prepare your eyes for bright color overload. You've been warned! :)
I'm not gonna explain why I consider them my totem animals cause I already talked about it before although not in this context. So if you're really interested, you'll have to make some extra effort and click here. :)
And if I'm not too late, I'm linking to Artist in Blogland as well.


  1. Absolutely love these!! I hope your hand feels FAST!!

  2. i like these - the colors aren't over powering - it's cool.
    i am normally a catwoman, but i am also kookoonuts over the horse.


  3. These are SO cool and unique! I love all the bright colors and shapes you have incorporated.
    AND I agree - your post is perfect for me right now - I am having a big party for Kendra this weekend (her birthday is tomorrow ;) and Have SO MUCH to do - I was thinking tomorrow . . . but not now! Thanks for the inspiration and glad you're feeling better, xoxo

  4. These are very colorful! Hope your cat bite gets better soon. I have two cats and I'm sure I've been bitten more than a few times, but luckily they've never become infected. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment! :)

  5. Sorry about your cat bite! That's no fun. I love your 'totem' animals. Especially the butterfly cat.
    Hugs and blessings, hope your bite heals okay.

  6. These are beautiful bright and extra-ordinary. love your totem idea!

  7. So sorry to hear about your cat bite. I hope you heal soon. I am really loving your tribal-style art. I love the bright colors - and they kind of remind me of mosaics. :)

  8. Very CLEVER! Love them. Your sense of space and design is awesome. Heal that hand of yours. xxDonna

  9. Bright, bold and beautiful! Love them!

  10. WOW!!! These are so tribal!!! I love the fact that they are totem, totem is also tribal. I snook some totem into my piece(wolf grey hehe!) :D XXX

  11. glad your bite is healing.

    these are wonderful. i especially love the butterfly cat-really creative!

  12. Love your cats!! They are wonderful
    Hope your bite healing is OK.
    Best wishes,

  13. I LOVE the horses!! Love! :)


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