Sunday, September 4, 2011

Now, who desn't need an Angel?

Do you believe in angels? I don't think of angels as beings but rather as an unseen force that helps us along our journey called life. Well, to think of it that force could have a face. Look at that! I'm contradicting myself. That never happens. Ever! :)

But angels are rooted in our history depicted as people with wings. So that's how I draw them. I don't do hands or I hide them cause frankly I don't know what angels do with their hands. How am I suppose to draw them? Like open arms welcoming us? Or holding something? Do angels hold things?

Did you hear of a theory that angels in prehistoric books and paintings are actually aliens? Cause people back then didn't know how to describe an alien so they drew and wrote what they knew. People who can fly. But wings were just means of expressing the flying part. Cause people are not aerodynamically designed, so putting wings on us would be just ridiculous.

Like we have good and bad people there are good and bad aliens thus good and bad angels. Get it? No? Never mind!:)

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Oh! And the link to my giveaway at Jaws n Lbows is working now. Apparently the server crashed or something so you still have until next Monday to enter for the chance to win a set of my greeting cards. :)

And one more thing. I just found out I won a free spot at this amazing Hero's Art Yourney e-course. It starts on Monday so you still have time to sign up. :) How exciting is that?! :)



  1. Oh I love how your angel started out very innocent to being a little sassy and then ending up knowing herself--so fun.
    I'm working on some angles too!--a bit different style though--but you know --great minds--we all think alike :)

  2. Love your pretty angels. I don't think of them as aliens, because I like them too much! Valerie

  3. Ha ha .. started out pretty innocent and ended up ??? Like the rest of us I suspect. Love them all. Congrats on your e-course. Have fun. hugs, Donna

  4. Beautiful angels! A good book to read is Destiny of souls, by Michael Newton. We're all light energy loving beings who look like angels when we come to help on another.
    To a human mind a light being(our true nature) looks angelic.
    Don't worry about the alien stuff, I think this is becoming a dug up scare religion. We've always had them. There from memories while living on other worlds in between our lives on earth.
    This is why I believe we're the earth angels. Our souls are.
    Huge hug!

  5. You are an ATC workhorse! Amazing! Alliens could be beautiful and angelic, just like us beings from mother earth! Beauty exists in all corners of the universe. I love your beautiful, angelic beings, wherever they came from! ;)

  6. Loving your angel whimsys. Congratulations on the course news...woo hoo. Annette x

  7. Prekrasni su mi tvoji anđeli, sve pohvale, bravo!

    Lijep pozdrav:)

  8. Your angels are AWEsome! Even the bad ones.

  9. Beautiful Angels . . . and I have to say that Charlie and Murphy in your side bar look just like my two kitties.

  10. Lovely angels all. Each with their own personality!

  11. You depict angels just as I feel they are. And you create them beautifully! Congratulations on winning the e-course too!!!! On my way over to check it out.

  12. Natasha your artwork always makes me smile when I come to visit. I love your angels and the naughty ones too.
    Oh and I love all your fur babies on the sidebar. The all look well loved.

  13. Love your angels, Natasha...they are lovely and fun, too! Congratulations on winning the e-course...that's so cool!

  14. I so get where your coming from!!! I have issues when people designate "Angel" or "Devil". I see them as all the same energy, it's just our individual take on what they are causing to happen in our lives that makes them "bad" or "good" in our eyes. I try not to adopt the "blame something else" culture and just deal with life as it comes...
    Your angels are gorgeous though...couldn't possibly do any harm to anyone mwahahahaha....;S XXX

  15. Congrays on the win! Can't wait to see what you do there!

    Look at all those ATC' sure have been busy!! Lovely angels....I don't think they need hands :)

  16. I love your angels, each with its own personality. The are so unique.

    Congratulations on your win!

  17. Great angels Natasha May - so fun. I definitely believe in Angels, though I don't know what they look like:)
    Hugs and many blessings

  18. Your angels are just darling!! I love that their hands are hidden - I never thought about what angels do with their hands before!

  19. Totally adorable! Each one is really special.


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