Monday, September 12, 2011

Kitty and I

So, if you were an animal, what would you be?

People have always been attracted to animals and wanted to posses or at least attribute some animal characteristics to themselves. You can find this everywhere and everywhere. From native people all over the world to ancient cultures and mythology.
 Half man half animal has always been depicted as a supernatural being or at least possessing some kind of supernatural powers. Today in the “modern” world we can find it in astrology and astronomy. We have constellations named after animals as well as astrological signs.

So, to which animal do you feel closest to? My Chinese horoscope says I’m a horse but since I was little I was fascinated by wild cats. Any wild cat would do but black panther was my favorite.
Interestingly enough I always dreamed of having a dog as a pet. Never a cat. Cats came into my life by accident mostly. It was only the first two cats that evoke a cat lover in me.

I don’ attribute any kind of cat’s characteristics to myself but I just love cats. I like watching them play and do their stuff, clean themselves and each other.
I have 7 cats and my mom has 5. It’s intriguing to me how each of them has its own character, their own habits, actions and reactions. How they can love each other and hate others with the same passion and to some are tolerant or they ignore them completely.

I have cats that would sleep on my face if I could breathe and one in particular that hates everyone except dogs. One is the alpha cat and she beats up everyone if she feels like it but most are social butterflies. One on the other hand hates just one and chases the other but loves the rest.

I love them all. Yes, even the trouble maker who picked up a cup from a sink and threw it on the floor so it broke, bit through every electrical cable he could find and still does his business on the bathroom floor next to the kitty litter box after 7 years.
I’d like to say I love them all equally but that would be a lie. I’m a little partial to my first two cats that have been with us for 10 years now. The alpha Roadie and the adventurous Murphy but the rest of them are close second. :) 
Even as I write this post I have Ajda in my lap preventing me to write comfortably since it's her comfort we're both concerned about. :)

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  1. Love your catty drawings! I think I would like to be a leopard if I could choose to be an animal! Valerie

  2. Such great interpretations of kitty life. They all made me smile, which is a great way to begin my day. hugs, Donna

  3. Brez dvoma mačja oseba :) Čeprav po horoskopu opica :)

    Luštne slike muck ♥ ♥

    Sem se danes spomnila, da si moram vzet čas in it do Vrhnike :)

  4. I was the opposite growing up--cats were what I loved and now--I'm more into dogs--although all I have right now is a turtle :)
    But cats are very cool with their diverse habits and personalities--you kind of have to earn their love--I like that!

  5. Hi Natasha--I'm back--I wanted to answer your question about why I had to make this piece--they just wanted us to make a piece for the show and that's the only reason. They take this show very seriously and they're pretty strict. But.. of course when you get there--it's always a different story--some artists did this and some didn't (but I'm still really glad that I did). And we were required (in our area of the show) to wear these God-awful lavendar shirts, which I HATED and felt ugly in. And when I got there--same story--some had them on and some just wore a shade of purple--so Saturday night I went to the mall and bought something for Sunday that was more me--you know..when you look feel good and it helped for the next day along with the better weather.

  6. Wonderful and whimsical kitties...they're all purrrr-fect! I'm mostly a doggie person and that is my Chinese sign too...woof!

  7. Hi Natasha, I love cats and they have so much personality!! Your drawings are really cute and capture their playful side really well!! I especially love the final piece, although I would not be keen on this happening to my curtains in real life! Wini xo

  8. I admire all of your drawings- I am always drawn to colors and you use them beautifully. Too bad cats make me sneeze I have a little non-shedding poochie. I love the playful pictures of the kitties.

  9. We are ruled by our cats, I have 4 indoor and 1 outdoor cat. Tommie is a barn cat but Lucky, Boromir and Eowyn live inside most of the time. They do bring lots of joy and grief sometimes.

  10. Wow... 7 cats! How do you keep track of them all? My girlfriend has the silliest cat, I once saw her jump about 7 feet straight up into the air when she saw a reflection on the roof ~ it was hilarious! I have a little dog, she is probably smaller than all of your cats, she's 6.5 pounds and is a Papillion/Toy Poodle. She's a yappy little thing but loves to cuddle. I don't think I can see myself in any animals really but I love them all!
    Hugs and blessings

  11. fun to read about your passion for kitties and to see all your cat art. I love cats too, but i am at a stage in life where i have no pets, kids or plants which equals freedom. I will keep it this way for a while. I like deer, quite a lot.

  12. I have two cats. One is a little nervous thing that jumps at the slightest noise and is terrified of everything until.... a collie dog wandered onto her territory. She saw this dog off. It was hilarious. The dog was scared stiff poor thing. I never thought she had it in her!

  13. your kittys are beautiful! i'm partial to cats but love dogs too! actually, i'm a bit fascinated with alligators but wouldn't want to BE one.

  14. Oh Natasha....I LOVE these kitty paintings! I love cats too, but my allergies are limiting me to one cat only. I used to have three and found it was too much for me, so now my baby gets sooked like crazy :-)

  15. love all these adorable drawings!
    I had written a comment a couple of days ago when I first saw this, but someone interrupted me and I had to get off the computer...forgot to come back till now, lol!
    I have no idea what animal I'd be, I love horses, and wolves were the first animal that I had a kinship with when I was a child...

    We've got 2 cats in our household and I will never be without cats, they make your house a home. I think it's wonderful you have so many furbabies!

  16. :) I did write a comment a few days ago, but it clearly didn't register!! :) You captured the nature of cats perfectly, I saw our cat in a couple of your paintings. But wow...7 cats?! Our one is more than enough for me to keep track off.

  17. These pieces are so much fun! I think I relate most to wolves and foxes. Not sure why but I am definitely drawn to them.


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