Friday, September 2, 2011

Flying by and a giveaway

First off, thanks to everyone who congratulated me on my previous post. :) Thanks guys for all your loving and support.:)

Next on, I feel a rant coming on. :)

Are your days flying by, too? I have a feeling the time is getting faster. I wanted to apply for an exhibition but the deadline is so close I can practically smell it and I don't have enough paintings.

I distinctly remember thinking I have 2 months time to finish at least 10 paintings but all I've done are 3 and a half. And I have 2 weeks left.

Now, 2 weeks does sound like a lot of time but come on. How many of you can do 6 paintings in 2 weeks? I mean if I had any idea what to paint it would be plausible but since I don't have a clue, time is running out on me. And I'm a little pissed off. Why do they need all work completed before you apply for the show? I mean, if I got accepted at all it might have been a year before the show actually happens. I could do the rest of the paintings in a year for sure.

I'm thinking of applying with a different set though. Those abstracts I showed you before. I have enough of those. See, I have a question, too. Do you exhibit the same paintings or do you make different ones for each exhibition? Cause I have an exhibition going on right now but once it's finished I don't feel like exhibiting them again. Like, they are done and retired. :)

Oh! You know what else isn't done? That on-line workshop I so blatantly blurted out. I haven't even gotten to the filming part. It's safe to say it won't be done in August. Oh, wait! It's September already. Am I brave enough to call it finished by the end of September? Not really. End of the year? Hopefully. :)

I suck! I know. Get over it. I blame the ATC's.:)

In case you were wondering I did this painting a while back when I took the Gritty Jane's workshop. It's huge! I might do some more work on the wings. Excuse the weird photos.

I used acrylics of course, collage and spray paint for the background. I've learned that my spray painting technique doesn't do well on larger canvas. The paint dries too quickly.

Linking to PPF.

And I almost forgot about this. There is another interview and a giveaway. :) Go check out Jaws n Lbows for a chance to win my set of greeting cards.


  1. Obožavam tvoje radove, prekrasni su!

    Ugodan vikend:)

  2. I create new pieces for shows...not that I have a lot of them...shows, I mean :)

    The only artist I know that can do 6 paintings in 2 weeks is Micki at The Secret Hermit...she wips them out...she's a painting fiend!!

    Well, whatever you decide, I really like this painting! Her skin just glows...her face so serene...just lovely!!

    Good luck and have a great weekend!

  3. Love the painting you have shown. Good luck with getting everything finished for the exhibition! Valerie

  4. nemoguće je precizno planirati umjetnički rad, znaš, oni koji mogu slijediti zadatak tipa ovoliko slika na, ne mislim da je tu riječ o umjetnosti...mada, meni je slikanje samo hobi, ne znam radiš li ti kakav drugi posao od kojeg živiš...naravno da se iste slike mogu izlagati više puta, samo ne na istom mjestu :) I, još nešto, zašto bi moralo biti puno slika za neku izložbu? Ako mora biti određen broj, ima načina...svaki drugi canvas prazan :))) odnosno neka instalacija...

  5. Ahh - i love the exhibition post. You must be so happy and I am certainly thrilled for you. Wahey!!! What a great post!

    I don't know much about exhibiting I'm afraid. 6 paintings in 2 weeks? Hmm.... you can do it. Let's all help you by giving you some prompts...

    If I get stuck I sometimes look up 'creativity' quotes for inspiration.

    Why not paint some characters from literature - Jane Eyre, Cathy from Wuthering Heights, The Little Match Girl, Miss Haversham.

    Love the Gritty Jane piece. I'm taking that class too (slowly!).

    I know exactly what you mean about time flying!

  6. This is a lovely painting and I know a few people taking Gritty Jane's classes and they are loving it.

    Time does fly by and I wish you lots of luck for your exhibition, whicever pictures you choose :o) Happy PPF

  7. Loving your collaged painting. Good luck with the exhibition, methinks you need a magic wand..... Happy PPF, Annette x

  8. Oooh that might be tough--6 paintings in 2 weeks--seems more like producing than creating--kind of what I'm dong right now :)
    But I'm happy--I have my 3 weekend art fair starting next week--a bit different than an exhibition--but still a lot of work--but it's fun getting out and talking to real people.
    I really like your piece from Jane's class--that dress is awesome!

  9. Wings & flying high, love this piece & NO you totally DON'T SUCK!!!!! Happy PPF sweetie :)

  10. I think this painting is one of the best you've ever done!! It's really fabulous!

  11. Awesome painting ~ Something very mystical about her ~Thanks, namaste, Carol (Share the Creative Journey) Happy PPF ^_^

  12. I really LOVE the dress in this work. It is an interesting piece. Happy PPF!

  13. Love your new painting. You sure have a lot going on. Don't beat yourself up over missing deadlines that you can control. I can't stand applying for exhibition space. I wait for someone to ask me. Since I hate exhibiting, it works out just fine.

    And yes, I feel like I have to show at least half new work every time.

  14. you're so cool.

    i would pee my pants if i ever had an exhibition, but you are so flippant about it :)

    Of COURSE i love this huge painting.

    i have a book to reccomend to you (i fucking misspelled reccomend and i canNot figure out how to do it right) - life, paint, passion.
    someone told me that it's basically wait.

    i'll email you the rest because it's sort of Really Useful Info, but also maybe catty.


  15. I totally agree with your assessment of time .. someone is playing with the big clock in the sky. It's Sept.! CRAP! I have no advice about your exhibitions except to say, even if it's a repeat performance of some kind .. put SOMETHING in! You are good, and you need to put your work out there in any form you can muster together. There! I WANT, LUST after, your greeting cards. Going to enter. hugs, Donna

  16. Love the painting and like you I can feel time slipping through my fingers.

  17. Hooray for you and your exhibition!!! So exciting and such a wonderful accomplishment - I'd love to be able to see it in person (it looks great - I love the photo of you standing in front! Wheee!)

    Your Gritty Jane piece is super... I so want to take that course (I asked my husband for it for my birthday :) )

    Have a great weekend!


    p.s. you definitely do not suck! I think you're great!

  18. maybe if you lock yourself in your studio and chain yourself to your easel you can finish the set for the application of the show... haha

    ah well, there will be other shows! don't be so hard on yourself, things happen for a reason, I always say. maybe something better is coming down the line for your first 3 paintings :) Your angel paintings are beautiful, happy ppf!

  19. I saw the Gritty Jane in this piece & love it! How fun to take that class, makes me want to sign up!! Joy to you Happy PPF! xo Theresa

  20. For sure time flies by...never seem to know how that happens and always wishing for a little bit longer here and there, but never when at work! hehehe! Lovely work...magical! Good Luck with your show prep! Happy PPF!POP ART MINIS

  21. Your angel is gorgeous. The colors positively glow! I hope you get to enter, but I'd never make it myself. If I don't have ideas, I just can't produce.

  22. Uhh, tu mač informacij za en post :)))
    v glavnem, slika je fajn, dobro si jo naredila. Žal mi je za drugo razstavo. Mogoče pa ti samo daje čas, da uživaš v tej prvi. Verjamem,d a te naslednja priložnost čaka za vogalom.
    Bo že.. vse ob svojem času.

  23. Natasha, thanks for visiting my challenge blog. The tea candle I used made the wax lines on the glossy paper. When I applied the color, the wax remained white. My PPF entry is at

  24. nice work, and I always feel time is slipping away. Hope it helped to get it off your chest!

  25. This is a fabulous painting - as all your work is. I can't really comment on the exhibition thing as I haven't been lucky enough to hold one yet (still working on building up a portfolio i guess!) but I imagine you would need to do a whole set of new art anyway as all the stuff from your current exhibition will no doubt have sold stickers on them by the end of the run!

  26. This painting is absolutely stunning! Kind of a departure from your other creations - I love all the "movement" it has. :) Congrats on yet another feature!

  27. Oh I know what you mean about time speeding up, ugh! It drives me crazy too! All you can do is all you can do and that is what is meant to be, right? At least that's what I tell myself! WOW I just LOVE your big painting. Your angel is gorgeous!!!! You would deffinitely be accepted in that exhibition, you are awesome!!!Sometimes when I feel like I'm being rushed, I slow down on purpose and then that's when the magic happens! Hugs, Deb

  28. Have fun at the exhibition. You'll do great. Your painting is just awesome. Good job. Have a great weekend.

  29. hey Natasha, glad to see I'm not alone, I swear it's like I blinked, and it was September! where the heck did summer go? Sorry you didn't get enough paintings done, but do try to send in the abstracts.
    I can't advise you about what to send in since I have never exhibited anything, but if I were, I think I would keep it fresh. I would send in something that hasn't been seen before. I agree that once it's shown, it's time to move on to different work. Just my (very) humble opinion.

    Love the Jane style angel, I've heard nothing but good things about her workshop...just don't have time to fit in anymore, especially with the darn time rushing by!
    have a great day

  30. great job on your painting. I have never try exhibit before but definitely I can feel you. I hope that you can try to finish what you can but do not overdo yourself. Above all just enjoy.

    Elisa Choi,

  31. I Love her dress. I think new painting for each exhibition. But, that does have its problems for the artist! It sounds like the biggest problem is what to paint. Angels darling, angels!

  32. This piece is wonderful! Love her dress, love her expression and posture. I also really really love your abstracts - glad you threw that link in there.

  33. I LOVE your angel, her expression and pose are fabUlous, and truthfully, I don't see how you could improve the wings; they are beautiful!
    Good luck with he exhibition- they would be lucky to get ANY of your work to show!

  34. LOL - good rant - very therapeutic! I hope it all works out, I sure agree with you.

    I love this one! Her newspaper dress is fascinating. I think I want one! And love her hair and the background as well. Good luck with your exhibition!

  35. I really like this painting! She's ethereal! I think the background is great too!


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