Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Hello peeps! :) I bet you're dying to see my desk today, don't ya?! :) Let's not keep you waiting. Ta-daaa!

There's a wooden art box that I bought some time ago but forgot all about it. :) I found it under the couch last week and was ecstatic to find watercolor pencils in it. :) I have my Faber Castell watercolor pencils but these are different shades of color. You can see there's even a pink and a purple in there. :)

And on top you can see my art journal with a Unicorn. That's what I've been doing last week when I showed you my desk/terrace/filming studio. For all of you who wanted to see how the tutorial ended up, head over to The Butterfly Effect to see it. :)

Of course there was a cat present at the photo shoot. Not Charlie, the white gangster but Ajda this time. :) She is fiery red mixed with black and some white. Cute, eh? :) I have no idea how to write her name so you would understand the pronunciation. Oh, wait, I Googled. :) It's like eye-duh. :)
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  1. What does her name mean? Or is it a woman's name like we have here spelled Ida? Just curious!

    ...I'm wondering what else might be hiding under the couch...haha ;P

  2. I think I would move that couch to see what else I could find under it. And of course, I really like the looks of eye-duh!

  3. Mixed media is so versitile and can be used across so many different projects, your desk is looking very interesting.
    Helen x

  4. Three lovelies you have pointed out today - Adja, the unicorn and that elusive box of pencils.
    Have a lovely week with all three of them, Hugs, Neet #7

  5. Great find under the couch! Have you moved the rest of the furniture? Could be profitable. :o) Love Ida .. she's gorgeous. hugs, Donna

  6. Love your wooden box with all those goodies! Valerie

  7. Love the wooden art box - fancy forgetting that!!

  8. I can't wait to see your new art, what amazing colours you have to create with. Your cat is beautiful too!

  9. Perhaps there's a portal to another dimension under your couch - would be good if it opened up in a craft shop!! Ajda is a beeyootiful puss cat, love tortoiseshell colours :)
    Hugs, LLJ x

  10. I always love taking a peek at your desk--mine is embarrassing. Right now there is so much stuff on it unrelated to art--I don't remember when I actually used it--it seems to be a catch--all for everything else :)
    I'm off to check out your tutorial!

  11. It all looks lovely today on the workdesk - a real artists desk. Your kitty is cute too, they always have a way of getting in the photos!

  12. cute kitty and lovely name. Worth looking under the lounge on a regular basis if that is what you found.

  13. Thanks for sharing your space this week, I enjoyed visiting and hope you have a fabulous rest of the week.

  14. Cool box, Cute Kitty!

    Clare H

  15. SEm pogledala video - krasno! A ni luštno ko najdemo nekaj kar smo izgubili! Ha, ha pri meni so to največkrat očala ampak včasih tudi kakšne barvice ali štampiljke! Ponovno snidenje je vedno super!
    Lep pozdravček

  16. How lovely to find an art box under the couch and even better to find it has pencils already in it. Thanks for the pronunciation tip, I was wondering about the title of your post!

    Brenda 88

  17. Eye Duh (Ida?) is gorgeous,

    as are the pencils,

    and what a find, what else have you got hiding under the couch?


  18. Hello Natasha, hello Adja! I have done this so many times, bought things and lost them (forgotten about them) then found them years later and it's just like Christmas! I love it! Adja is very sweet, I love her white paws.
    Hugs and blessings

  19. What is it with our feline friends, they have to get in on the action don’t they. Fortunately BoJangles was out when I took my photo otherwise he would have been hogging the table Lol!

    Your art journal is looking lovely and what a nice surprise it must have been to find your box of pencils again.

    Happy Crafting!


  20. you aren't showing up in my dashboard. so i have to stalk over here manually. which makes me a very dedicated stalker, don't you think?
    on account of it requiring extra clicks on my part?

    i love the cats.
    i have Not Enough Cats.

    i have 7. i need more.

    cats cats cats.

    i want to be a cat. with batwings.

    i also wanna know what else is beneath your couch.


  21. Imagine having such an awesome thing and forgetting about it! Only a crafter or artist could understand that.
    Happy WOYWW

  22. What a beautiful name for a cat! You must have been jumping up and down when you came across that box under the couch! Score! Thanks for the peek today and have a great week!

  23. Oh look, you have as small a desk as I have! Thought I was the only one on WOYWW with a tiny desk so FULL of things! Patsy from

  24. So your forgetterer is getting better but your remeberer is broke! Lucky finding that box and love the puss.
    joZarty x


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