Friday, September 23, 2011

Change of plans

I thought I was going to show you something else today but the Universe and my cat Charlie had other plans.

See, my gangster cat got in a fight with my mother’s cat and when I reached between them (yeah, I know, stupid idea) my Charles got so upset he didn’t get to beat up his sworn mortal enemy Dos, he took his frustration out on me and attacked my hand.

I swear it felt like he put his fangs straight through the flesh to my bone. And once he was finished with my right hand he decided to taste my left index finger. I didn't even know how much I was bleeding until next morning (the event took place on Wednesday night) when I saw the driveway splattered with blood. It looked like CSI's crime scene.

My wrist is now swollen and hurts like hell so I can’t do sh#t. I can’t even hold the camera to take a shot let alone hold a paintbrush to paint. I hope you have a visual of me clenching my teeth typing this post with four fingers. See how dedicated I am? :)
So, considering the circumstances you get to see something else today. :) Remember my “Inspired by famous paintings” series?
Well, I made some ATC versions of them by request and for willowing swap a while back. And I know Tinker Bell and Snow-white are not famous paintings but they are still famous. :)
If you wanna join the party go over to PPF. And for all of you who want to see my Unicorn video tutorial head over to The Butterfly Effect to see it. :)


  1. oh.
    it really gets me when one of my cats bites me.
    who the hell do they think opens their food? and brushes them? and pays for all of those outrageous shots... and flea prevention?

    i bring more and more home.

    natasa! my chibi bit the shit out of me last night.
    i was dangling chicken over his head.

    so. i have a wee puncture wound. but CSI was not on the scene.

    and i love the atcs.
    tinker bell is a bit of a hussy, isn't she?

    i think she has beefier thighs than the other disney girls.

    in case you were wondering what i thought of her thighs.

    okay. i'll just stop typing now.

  2. I do love tinker bell and snow white! That little devil! You should a bit him back! Seriously, take care of it and heal quickly. xxDonna

  3. Sorry to hear of your predicament. I hope your hand heals soon, so that you can get back to drawing and painting your fabulous art. Love the ATC's by the way.

  4. Ooor Natasha! Take care of your hand, hope it doesn't get inflamed! Valerie

  5. Auuuuuččččč, tole je moralo pa bolet. Držim pesti, da se ne vname.
    ATCji so pa kjut :)
    PS: se spomnim dolga, ja :)))))

  6. Auuu! Mene je ta nov maček sam ene 2x mal pocahnal, pa se mi je zdelo že čist zadost. Sem ga pa malo prej uspela skopat: njegovo čisto prvo kopanje sem prestala brez praske, yay me!

    Mmm, Sneguljčica je bolj "tvoja".

  7. Ouch! Cats--don't you just love them!! :)
    Take care of your hand, and in the meantime--Love your famous painting ATC's--so clever.

  8. Yikes, cat bites and scratches can be particularly painful!! I give you credit for managing to type at all, lol. I'm a new follower from the blog hop, and I look forward to seeing more of your work! When your hand is better of course, lol.


  9. Oh No Natasha! Sorry to hear about this! Hope your hands mend up soon.

    You are a trooper for blogging through all that. Love this pieces you shared!


  10. Ow, hope your injuries heal soon. I hope Charlie is suitably contrite for having caused his mum pain and prevented her from painting! (probably not going by how indifferent cats tend to be!)
    These ATCs are lovely - the girl with the pearl earring is still my favorite!

  11. Love your paintings! ~ Do hope you check with the doctor about your cat bite~ ATCs are great also! ~thanks, namaste, Carol (Share the Creative Journey) and Happy PPF ^_^

  12. ooh that sounds extremely painful Natasha you poor girl. Take care of yourself. Loving your ATCs they are great, Happy PPF, xx

  13. I love the "girl with the pearl earring" one... and the fact that it uses book pages. ^_^

    from aquariann blog hop

  14. Really delicious with beautiful looks. Be careful with cats, I hope you recover soon.

  15. cute artwork! Get better soon.

  16. Ouch! Hope your wrist is feeling better & healing. Lovely ATCs Happy PPF! xo

  17. Great ATC's. I am totally in love with your take on Girl with a Pearl Earring.

    Take care of those cat bites...hope you are painting again soon.

  18. Argh, cats may be adorable but once they're pissed they're deadly... I hope your hand and finger will heal quickly!
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful work even though you're in pain, your paintings are stunning as always!

    // - T.W -

  19. Lovely art work, Natasha. But PLEASE go get a tetanus shot and some medical help. Consider where those fangs and claws have been. We had a bitey cat once. It's not fun getting attacked by one's own pet. It's somewhat demeaning as well as physically painful. I hope you heal up really fast.

  20. Oh what a super neat collection of paintings!!!! I love snow white!!!! what a memory.....wishing you a wonderful day!!! Happy PPF!!!

  21. I hate to hear about you getting attacked by your own cat, but you really should see a doctor. Prevention is best in this case. I have always loved 'Girl with a Pearl Earring.' I really enjoyed seeing your version. Hope you feel better soon!

  22. uh, oh...that doesn't sound good! Be sure to keep an eye on that and take care! On the other hand (sorry) your art pieces are awesome! Love the themes and the whimsy...and you can't go wrong with a fairy! Tinkerbell rocks! POP ART MINIS

  23. so i will tell you how the cats are called - but also with a disclaimer that I have no say in the naming of animals around here.

    the cat that i did have (but don't now) was named Opal. my dog's name is chibi.
    the other dogs are moose and frisbee.
    the other cats names are (in order of age - oldest to youngest):
    fluffers (it used to be Pablo but he got REALLY fluffy)
    lenin and stalin are no longer with us, but they came next
    then The Lanterns (who look just like jack. they are called nervous and turbo but i hate those names so i call them The Lanterns)
    that little cat my son found in the front hedges, Muffins.

    yes. i think that's it.

    those are my cats and that is what they are called.
    my chibi is just called chibi.

    always more information than you ask for or want... i give.

  24. I hope you are feeling better soon, ouch. It's always a joy to see your paintings.

  25. So sorry to hear about your injuries. I have a very strong fear of cats, so your story totally made me shudder.

  26. Well, I hope you recover prontito and back to work ...Saludos

  27. Oh my gosh!
    I hope you are ok!
    I've only been bitten by a cat once, but did end up in the ER!

    You are so resilient still posting for PPF with swolen hands!
    Love your inspired by famous painting series!


  28. Really nice work with those ATCs.
    Just keep a close eye on those injured hands.
    Our cat we used to have bit our neighbour's son next door and the other neighbour's son across the street, he had everyone covered who blocked his freedom ,and each of them had to go in to the ER for repairs.
    Terrible Edward ~^..^~..... ; )

  29. Ouch! Hope you heal quickly! Adorable troupe of pets you have though! Happy Paint Party Friday!

  30. I don't think your wrist should be swollen. I hope its gone down or you have gone to a dr!!

  31. Ohhh noooo!!! What's with that!!! I hope it heals. I think kitty needs to go on a naughty kitty time out!!

  32. Oh you poor thing! I agree that kitty needs a time out! Hope you heal up quickly.

  33. Oh...was so busy thinking of your hurt hand that I forgot to tell you your ATCs are GREAT!!!!!

  34. Hope you feel better soon. Fun work on the ATCs.

  35. Oh you poor sweetheart, ouch! Great paintings though, I love your cheerful style! Love Disney stuff too! Deb

  36. Natasha, i hope you are feeling much better now. I can totally imagine your pain in your writing. I hope this not dangerous for u.. like u know he has the shot of anti rabies. Anyhow, I love your paintings.. very fairytale and perfect for kids room. Great job! Take care! Elisa from

  37. I hope you feel better soon. There is nothing worse than being sick, or having your cat bite you when you have heaps to do! I love your atcs. I really love the girl with the pearl earring. Get better soon x

  38. I was clenching my teeth just reading this. I hope you're not in any pain NOW. Breaking up a cat fight sounds terrifying. Nice that you ended this post with your beautiful artwork. Thanks for sharing!

  39. Ouch! I hope you have speedy healing. If it was me, I'd tell the beast my hands were now to sore to open the cat food so he can just fend for himself for a while. I love the ATCs! You have a great style.

  40. Ouch - it sounds very brave to try and break up a cat fight! Yikes... My cats are indoor cats, but the force with which they throw themselves at the window if another cat comes around is quite terrifying!

    I admire your dedication to PPF and thank you for playing through the pain - It is always so fun to see your creations :)

    I hope you're feeling much better soon...


  41. I ditto all the OUCHES, been there, done that, whether it's playing around with them or getting in their way- it still hurts!! I always enjoy seeing your famous paintings pieces, and I am LOVING the Tinkerbell!
    Happy PPF (a day late ;))

  42. Thanks for stopping by at my blog this week. I, too, am following Aquariann's Autumn Blog Hop. I love hops because they give me an opportunity to see so many other blogs that I would never have discovered any other way.

  43. Hi Natasha, love these ATC, hope your hand is better soon... I'm so lucky, my cat has never bitten any of us..even when we have to force a tablet down her throat...

  44. Take care if yourself. Watch your hand to make sure it doesn't get infected. I know that silly to say because you will anyways. Just showing my concern for you. I hope that the healing is quick and you are back to what you love soon. The ATC's are just darling.

  45. Love your artwork Natasha! So sorry to hear about your accident! I hope you are feeling much better. :-)

  46. Hi Natasha, I hope your hand is feeling better. Sounds very nasty :0( I'm loving these ATC's very cute indeed, my faves are Marilyn and Snow white, so cute!!! I also loved your Zombie from your 'Zombie vs Unicorns' you do zombies so well!!! Great pieces!!!

  47. Yes do take care of your hand, you don't want an infection. So sorry about that, but I do love your atc's, especially TinkerBell. Take care of that hand. Have a great week.

  48. applause for your dedication to PPF and for painful 4 finger typing. that's commitment! love the ATCs you showed us this week. so much fun! I hope you are feeling much better by now (since I am so very late to visiting all my other PPF peeps)

  49. Ouch!! I hope you heal fast and no scars! This reminds me of my super lazy cat, the day we rescued our dog, we thought the cat being so lazy wouldn't mind, but was I wrong! he scratched and tore a hole in my blouse AND skin on my tummy :o( We eventually trained them to be friends, but cat's have a mind of their own (and sharp claws)
    I almost forgot, your art work is lovely!

  50. So excited to see you here. THis is my first week doing the PPF. Fun stuff. Love your work, as always.


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