Friday, September 30, 2011

What's up?!

My first exhibition is over. I picked up the paintings on Wednesday and they are back on my wall. I have this walk in closet in my living room that I plan to tear down cause there is some remodeling going to happen in the future. I have these paintings hung on it so I can look at them and get inspired. They are now for sale. If you want one let me know. I will list them on Etsy as well though.
As far as the exhibition goes I was a little disappointed in my friends and family. The paintings were hung for 28 days and some of them couldn’t take time out of their “busy” schedule to take a look. I mean really, come on. I know I’m out of town but it’s still 30 min on a freeway. And some of them acted like it’s a waste of their time to just go and take a look at the show. They wanted to incorporate it into their activity. Like if they happen to be in the neighborhood. For real? I need not mention they never showed up. And some of them were driving past but they were in a hurry so they couldn’t stop.

Others on the other hand surprised me with their visits. A couple of them even showed up with their babies. So thank you to all that took the time and went to see my very first exhibition. I really appreciate the support. Especially as I realized it takes an effort to do so.

Ok, I got that out now here are some pics. These are from Total Alignment free class from Connie. I already showed the cat from afar once but here they are up close. I’m showing them even though they’re ugly cause Connie says it’s about the process and ugly is ok. Well, I like the cat. The cat is not ugly. :)
And another thing. Amy came up with this awesome idea that we all write a neverending story. Like you e-mail her to put you in line and when it's your turn you write a story continuing the last person's story. Get it? Well, just go over there and check it out. :) I mean click the damn cute cat!

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Monday, September 26, 2011

Totems as tribal art?

Thanks everyone for expressing your concern about my cat bite. :) I did go to the doctor's and she gave me antibiotics for it. It's gotten better since Friday so hopefully I'll get to paint again in a day or two.

Isn't it funny how we always leave things to be done tomorrow? You know when you don't feel like doing something right now so you tell yourself it can wait until tomorrow? Yeah! That can backfire sometimes.

Like you can get bitten by a cat and you can't finish a zillion atc's you've promised people you'll do. Ok, so it's not a zillion but I still have to do cards for 3 swaps. That alone is 12 cards and then another 10 for personal trade. Because I agreed before the tomorrow came along. :) And I have my eye on a 4th swap but I really had to hold myself back from signing up.

And for swaps the deadline is in 8-10 weeks but the mail is so unreliable that I cannot count on it to deliver on time if it's too close to the deadline. I mean, I had my cards get to USA in like 4 days but one set traveled almost 7 weeks which is concerning.

And I wanted to do some tribal art for The Butterfly Effect over the weekend to post today but as I said before, tomorrow came. :) So again, you get to see some "oldies" from my ATC stash.

Oh, wait. I just changed my mind! I did some totem animals for a swap and this kind of counts as tribal art, right? And this is the set that traveled for 7 weeks to US. :) It all fits! You'll get to see mermaids some other time.

Prepare your eyes for bright color overload. You've been warned! :)
I'm not gonna explain why I consider them my totem animals cause I already talked about it before although not in this context. So if you're really interested, you'll have to make some extra effort and click here. :)
And if I'm not too late, I'm linking to Artist in Blogland as well.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Change of plans

I thought I was going to show you something else today but the Universe and my cat Charlie had other plans.

See, my gangster cat got in a fight with my mother’s cat and when I reached between them (yeah, I know, stupid idea) my Charles got so upset he didn’t get to beat up his sworn mortal enemy Dos, he took his frustration out on me and attacked my hand.

I swear it felt like he put his fangs straight through the flesh to my bone. And once he was finished with my right hand he decided to taste my left index finger. I didn't even know how much I was bleeding until next morning (the event took place on Wednesday night) when I saw the driveway splattered with blood. It looked like CSI's crime scene.

My wrist is now swollen and hurts like hell so I can’t do sh#t. I can’t even hold the camera to take a shot let alone hold a paintbrush to paint. I hope you have a visual of me clenching my teeth typing this post with four fingers. See how dedicated I am? :)
So, considering the circumstances you get to see something else today. :) Remember my “Inspired by famous paintings” series?
Well, I made some ATC versions of them by request and for willowing swap a while back. And I know Tinker Bell and Snow-white are not famous paintings but they are still famous. :)
If you wanna join the party go over to PPF. And for all of you who want to see my Unicorn video tutorial head over to The Butterfly Effect to see it. :)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Hello peeps! :) I bet you're dying to see my desk today, don't ya?! :) Let's not keep you waiting. Ta-daaa!

There's a wooden art box that I bought some time ago but forgot all about it. :) I found it under the couch last week and was ecstatic to find watercolor pencils in it. :) I have my Faber Castell watercolor pencils but these are different shades of color. You can see there's even a pink and a purple in there. :)

And on top you can see my art journal with a Unicorn. That's what I've been doing last week when I showed you my desk/terrace/filming studio. For all of you who wanted to see how the tutorial ended up, head over to The Butterfly Effect to see it. :)

Of course there was a cat present at the photo shoot. Not Charlie, the white gangster but Ajda this time. :) She is fiery red mixed with black and some white. Cute, eh? :) I have no idea how to write her name so you would understand the pronunciation. Oh, wait, I Googled. :) It's like eye-duh. :)
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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Unicorns vs. Zombies

It's supposed to be an age old question.  
Zombies vs. Unicorns
But frankly I haven't heard of it until Amy made us pick a team. So that said. I must be very young. :)

I, being an inspiring romance novel writer (rofl) made up a story for ya. :)

There was a magical land hidden in the depths of an ancient rainforest where no man has set foot on. It was a beautiful place where Unicorns lived.

Whitey was the stallion of the Unicorn herd. Beautiful muscular horse with a long silver horn and a main so magnificent it would radiate all colors of the rainbow when sunrays would beam over it. Must I say he was every Unimares dream? 
Whitey the Unicorn Stallion
He would skim through the grounds of his territory every day making sure everyone was safe and happy. Of course he would check out the mares along the way. He always had a thing for a beautiful red head Ruby that would tease him with batting her glamorous eyelashes at him and swinging her ruby red tail in rhythm of his heartbeat. She was a tease but he didn’t mind as he knew that one day she will be his.

One day he woke up with an ominous feeling in his gut. He was cautious all day looking for signs of trouble as he knew his intuition never failed him.

It was at the very North edge of his territory when he heard a ruffling noise. It was the kind he couldn’t contribute to any animal living in the Unicorn land. The noise was somewhat sinister making his muzzle snort and his main stand up in defensive manor. He wasn’t afraid though because it wasn’t in his nature. After all he was a Unicorn.

All of a sudden he heard a frightful scream. The kind only a Unimare in pain could exhale. He never heard it before as the Unicorns were very illusive and very hard to capture but he remembered the myths that were passed on to him from his father and his father before him. They were gruesome stories of capturing Unicorns with fair maidens to steal their magical horns.

He hurried through the forest growth in direction of the horrible screams. The closer he got the louder his heart beat as he recognized the voice of his beloved Ruby. When she came into his vision he was horrified at the sight. She laid there on the emerald moss in a pool of her own silver blood as these nasty rotting creatures took bites out of her beautiful body.

In his mind there was rage building as well as a hint of confusion. How ever are these creatures still standing drinking the Unicorns blood?

It is known for the blood of a Unicorn to be deadly to every thing living for the blood of an innocent and pure creature should never be caused to flow. It hit him then. They might be standing but they are not living. He remembered his father’s words telling him about Zombies. 
Zombie the fair maiden
Another tiny yelp escaped from the battered Ruby. He stormed into the crowd of nasty creatures and horned them one by one until none of them were left standing. He stood triumphantly over their bodies for a second with red streams coming down from his horn then turned to his beloved.

Her body was half eaten but he knew she will be all right because the only way for the Unicorn to die was to remove his or hers horn. Ruby’s horn was splattered with her silver blood mixed with the red of her attackers but still soundly attached to her head.

A couple of days have passed but Ruby wasn’t getting any better from the attack. They figured she caught some sort of infection from the beasts which was turning her into one of them. The whole herd was terrified for her and for themselves. There were even some that were considering killing her to protect their loved ones.
Ruby the Zombie Unimare
But Whitey wouldn’t hear of it. There was still another chance. He offered a part of his horn to heal her. Unicorn’s horn is said to have magical healing powers. It heals diseases and neutralizes poisons and he being the stallion his horn is ten times more powerful. The magic worked. Ruby recovered almost instantaneously and was given back the red shimmer of her coat.

Needless to say Whitey and Ruby ended up getting married giving life to beautiful Unifoals and living happily ever after. Ever after being a long time since Unicorns live forever.

So it's Amy's birthday today and I'm helping to celebrate. :) I'm also linking to The Butterfly Effect cause there will be Mythical Creatures there all week long. And you don't want to miss my video tutorial so make sure you stop by. :)

Friday, September 16, 2011

Black, green and gold

It's Friday and we're having a party! :) If you wanna join us go over to PPF.
Do you like my new painting? It's smaller and I had so much fun doing it. :) See the gold paint again? I think I have a thing going on with it. It just makes a painting special.:)
 I don't have a title for it so if you have any suggestions out with them. :)

Heads up for my September newsletter. If you want to sign up you can do so on the top left sidebar. And I'll be posting a video tutorial at The Butterfly Effect on Monday, so don't forget to stop by to see it. :)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What's on my desk today, you ask?

Well, an art journal, some book pages, matt medium and a Flip camera. :) 
I'm filming a tutorial for The Butterfly Effect  that will air on Monday. It will be my first time posting and my choice of a theme for the week is Mythical Creatures. 
So, there will be a tutorial on painting a mythical creature. But Amy is having a giveaway this week so make sure you go over there and check how you can enter.
Oh, do you wanna see the view from my terrace? :)
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Monday, September 12, 2011

Kitty and I

So, if you were an animal, what would you be?

People have always been attracted to animals and wanted to posses or at least attribute some animal characteristics to themselves. You can find this everywhere and everywhere. From native people all over the world to ancient cultures and mythology.
 Half man half animal has always been depicted as a supernatural being or at least possessing some kind of supernatural powers. Today in the “modern” world we can find it in astrology and astronomy. We have constellations named after animals as well as astrological signs.

So, to which animal do you feel closest to? My Chinese horoscope says I’m a horse but since I was little I was fascinated by wild cats. Any wild cat would do but black panther was my favorite.
Interestingly enough I always dreamed of having a dog as a pet. Never a cat. Cats came into my life by accident mostly. It was only the first two cats that evoke a cat lover in me.

I don’ attribute any kind of cat’s characteristics to myself but I just love cats. I like watching them play and do their stuff, clean themselves and each other.
I have 7 cats and my mom has 5. It’s intriguing to me how each of them has its own character, their own habits, actions and reactions. How they can love each other and hate others with the same passion and to some are tolerant or they ignore them completely.

I have cats that would sleep on my face if I could breathe and one in particular that hates everyone except dogs. One is the alpha cat and she beats up everyone if she feels like it but most are social butterflies. One on the other hand hates just one and chases the other but loves the rest.

I love them all. Yes, even the trouble maker who picked up a cup from a sink and threw it on the floor so it broke, bit through every electrical cable he could find and still does his business on the bathroom floor next to the kitty litter box after 7 years.
I’d like to say I love them all equally but that would be a lie. I’m a little partial to my first two cats that have been with us for 10 years now. The alpha Roadie and the adventurous Murphy but the rest of them are close second. :) 
Even as I write this post I have Ajda in my lap preventing me to write comfortably since it's her comfort we're both concerned about. :)

Linking to The Butterfly Effect which is going through some changes so you should deffinetly check it out. :) And Artist in Blogland.

Friday, September 9, 2011


It's Friday and we're having a party over at PPF. :) Come and join us!

Today's painting is very much inspired by Flora Bowley. You have heard me talking about her before. It's not as layered but I felt the need to blend colors. :) And I must say I found a new appreciation for the gold paint

I wish I've taken in process photos cause this one has gone through several stages. I don't know about you but I really have to think to take photos. While I paint I get into it and don't even dare to stop and take a photo for I could lose the momentum. Do you ever feel like that?

This painting is huge, too. :) Ok, so not as huge as you'd think but huge for me. :)

And this is the last day pimping. You can win a set of my greeting cards if you enter over at Jaws n Lbows . And you can sign up for this awesome course called Hero's Art Yourney e-course. It starts on Monday.:)

Also. I'm playing Unicorns vs. Zombies on 18. September. Are you?

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