Monday, August 29, 2011


I'm writing this post on Sunday night because I have a feeling I'm gonna sleep in tomorrow. :) I just spent a day celebrating my cousin's boy's 1th Birthday. And what do kids have at their birthday parties? A lot of other kids. :)

I have a lot of cousins and they have a lot of kids. Add cousins and siblings from my cousin's partner and add their kids. Are you picturing a number yet? A lot of kids! But it was fun. :) And I'll show up pretty much anywhere for a cake. :)

Anyway, I wanted to share some owls with you today. I did another ATC swap over at ATCsforAll forum. I didn't go for the whimsical kind this time.:) Me like them.

I am linking to The Butterfly Effect even though I don't know if I qualify cause I only used watercolor pencils and an acrylic pen for the background. Oh, wait! There's some acrylic paint in there, too. And some india ink pens. :) Well, I guess I do qualify. :)

How many media do you have to use to call it mixed media? I had to Google it. :) Wiki says more then one. But when watercolor artists use a black pen with their watercolor they don't call it mixed media. Why is that? And if collage artist use paint to enhance color over their collage they still call it collage and not mixed media. Is there a rule what kind of media you need to use? Wiki says no but I'd like to hear your thoughts. :)

P.S. I had to Google the plural for media also. I found out that media is the plural. :) I was so tempted to write mediums. :) I was also tempted to write watercolorist and collagist. :) Ignore me, please. I'm tired. :)


  1. Prva bela sovica je tako lepa. Pravi puhek!

  2. LOVE your owls! Truly adore your art. xxDonna

  3. Love your owls, all of them! Have a good sleep today! Valerie

  4. Prekrasno si ih nacrtala!

  5. You can paint everything good!!...or I mean watercolor or draw or whatever--you know what I mean!
    How about a turtle?? :)

  6. naturally we mock all manner of rules over at the Butterfly Effect so 'mixed media' is totally just a random guideline of no real importance...

    in other words -- everything goes.

    no tidy packages, you see?


    i LOVE...LOOOVEEEE, LOVEEEE (i wish i could make bigger letters) these owls. seriously, i LOVE them.


  7. These owls are fabulous Natasia :D I only used graphite pencil this week!! I always assumed "mixed media" over at Butterfly effect meant anything goes, as in "a mixture of different styles", cos we all do such different stuff. VIVE La DIFFERENCE!! ;D XXX

  8. The owls are beautiful! I love them all especially the flying one. Rules are overrated anyway, especially in art. Hope you Have a good night sleep. You are very funny when you are tired.

  9. dear Natasha-love those owls! are they on AC cards? How do you paint so small?? I find that quite difficult! rules I think! The rules are there to teach us and then...we break them!
    Oh! You simply have to read/listen to Dr. Estes! She is amazing! She is actually half Mexican and half eastern European...she is a Jungian scholar and storyteller supreme. I listen to her while I paint...heaven! xxx

  10. Beautiful Natasha! I absolutely adore the first owl!!!
    Hugs and many blessings

  11. oshit.
    now i'm going to do an owl this week, but i TRiple Double Swear that i was going to do it anyway and i am Not stalking copying you.
    but i would copy everything you do if i had the time.

    where the hell do you find the time to make all of this stuff?

    i haven't traded at atcs for all in ages. maybe i need to like... open my closed mind?

    yes i *am* pregnant from the martian.

    one of the owls looks a bit like the david bowie owl in labrynth (okay. i Give. how do you spell labyrinth? <---- i think that's it).
    i love david bowie.
    i love owls.
    i love labyrinth.
    that movie was surprisingly insightful. you know? how like the goblin king was Trying to show her that he was only living up to her expectations.

    oh! like we don't exist except for in the perceptions of others.

    this was too much for a comment.
    i meant to only say i liked the damn owl.

    this is why i am usually the silent reader.


  12. Beautiful owls! I bet your swap partners will be happy to recieve these!

    I think a pen in a painting is "normal" use and not mixed media. The mix is when you mix two different kinds of colours, like acrylic and crayons or watercolours and acrylic paint. A collage that is also painted can be a mixed media piece, but it is also collage since collage means flat pieces used together. That's what I think. :-)

  13. Oh owls...they hold a such a soft spot for me!
    My fave is the barn owl...Amy's right, the kind they used in the movie Labyrinth.

    That reminds me, I better pop over there and congratulate her on being knocked up...heehee!


  14. I love them all!!!!! :) Barn owls are my favorite, too. :)


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