Monday, July 25, 2011

Review of the Workshops 2

Today I'm going to combine Summer of Color with some Workshop love. :) If you're into on-line classes you'll be happy you stopped by.

First let me introduce little Alice with her Cheshire cat. This one is not an ATC but an actual postcard that will be finding its way over to Neet as a thank you for being such a sweetheart and sending me one of her Alice cards. :) And because Kristin over at Summer of Color said it's time for purple, Alice had to go purple. I used acrylic paints but watered them down so it looks like watercolor.

So on to the workshops. :) I have once before talked about on-line workshops I've taken and gave you my thoughts on them. Since then I have taken a few new classes and it's about time I talk about them, too. :)

I know there are so many on-line workshops out there it's maddening. :) I want to take them all but don't have the finances to back me up so I have to make choices. If it's the same with you this blog post might be of some help to you.

Art and Heart with Tamara LaPorte - Free class
This workshop is awesome! I would recommend it to anyone and everyone who is into mixed media - folk art - whimsy - healing kind of stuff. :) Love Tam's way of teaching.

Oh! And I just found out this a couple of days ago that Tam is having this HUGE giveaway so if you want in you need to go over to her blog and see what you can win. And all you need to do is put this button on your blog sidebar. :)

She art with Christy Tomlinson
Christy covers some of mixed media techniques for backgrounds and teaches you how to make her style of collaged girls without faces. I loved this workshop and Christy is totally awesome and very enthusiastic teacher. :)

21 secrets
There are 21 workshops so you'll definitely find something that suits you. I loved these four workshops I talked about the most.

Digital Dreams with Tamara LaPorte.
Again a great teacher Tam. Loved this class! I had Photoshop installed for ages but never knew what to do with it. It was all so puzzling to me. :) And I'm not a type of gal that can just play around and figure out stuff. I need instructions! :) So this was a great workshop that taught me to love my PS4. :)

Portraits and Papers from Jane DesRosier.
I always wanted to know how to do an under painting. :) It's not as simple as I imagined. Jane did a great job on showing some basics of face proportions and drawing with charcoal. I wish there was more information on different angles but she said it herself she is not qualified to teach that yet. :) Great videos on backgrounds and collaging. I was glad to find out some new techniques.

Color my World with Monica Zuniga - Free class
Monica generously offered a free class on coloring a face with watercolors. I have some kind of fear of watercolor paints. :) Even though those might be one of the first paints I used in my life but I never got a hang of it. This was an easy way to learn how to color a face.

Story telling basics with Mystele - Free class
I joined Mystele's ning site a while back but just didn't get to the free classes she offers. So recently I watched the Story telling basics one and loved it. It's a great way to loosen up and play with paint and papers.

Paint Free with Wyanne.
I love Wyanne and her art. This workshop was a little different than the first one I took from her. I think she was more comfortable with teaching and it showed. :) Great exercises in this class. Taught me to trust my "little spirit". :)

Fantastic Faces at ArtTrader Mag
I had to look up who was teaching this workshop. It's Andrea Melione. She teaches how to draw funny - weird faces. If you're into pretty faces maybe this one is not for you. :) But she covers some basics of facial proportions and she covers how to draw emotions on a face. So this is good to learn.

ATC - Kitty and I

So to sum it up. :) I actually took some really amazing classes that each taught me something different and inspired me in its own way. Hope I didn't forget to mention any workshops I've taken. :) It's not intentionally but I don't have it written down anywhere besides here on blog.


  1. Lovely pictures and lots of good tips - thanks for sharing! Love the Alice with the Cheshire cat! Hugs, Valerie

  2. Love this and oh my the cat is spectacular!!!

  3. Alice & the Cheshire cat, love love love! I'm coming back to check out all the very cool link ups! I recenlty just discovered willowing friends as well, maybe I'll *see* you over there!

    xo Joanna

  4. What a lovely fun piece for purple, he is so cute!

    I have stopped taking on-line classes at the moment, as I found that as there are so many out there the choice does get overwhelming and they are all always very good classes.

  5. Adorable!! These are so pretty and happy looking NatashaMay!! I've only taken one online workshop, the art of silliness, which I enjoyed immensly :)

  6. This is one of the coolest Alice's I've seen--LOVE that Cheshire Cat!!
    Plus..thank you for taking the time to sum up your classes. They are getting to be a bit overwhelming--I wish I had more time to devote to them--but you're right--we all learn somethng (even if it's just one new thing) that we can apply to our own art.

  7. Fabulous post... thank you for all that info. I LOVE Alice and the cat.

  8. Thanks for sharing all these classes. Right now I am taking 3! Amelia Critchlow's Experimental Art, Jane Rosiers and just started 21 Secrets! I'm addicted to these classes but learn so much from them. Love Tam's and Suzi Blu's too!
    Alice is a peach, or as she is purple maybe that should be plum!

  9. Thank you for sharing the info on these classes, it is such a great help.
    Loving your Alice and that fab Cheshire Cat, brilliant stuff. Annette x

  10. Love the gal with the cat - her wind blown hair is great!

  11. I love your ladies, so beautiful. And thank you for all the links. so much to learn, so few hours in the day! Julie

  12. Love your purples and thanks so much for all the workshop info. Need to go check them out.

  13. Gorgeous postcard Natasha... love the Cheshire Cat as the background... how cool and your ATC is adorable...
    Great info with the classes too...

    Jenny x

  14. Anonymous26 July, 2011

    what a great post,, beautiful work too!

  15. What a fun piece! Thanks for all the links to courses! I have just started "She has 3 hearts by Christy and it is jam-packed with lessons!

  16. Dear Natasha-thank you so much for al of these wonderful links. I have been wanting to take the She Art class for a time right now. and will definitely look into some of the others you mentioned. I just love how there is so much out there but, can be a bit overwhelming and confusing. xxx Soraya

  17. This is such a fun piece of art. Love the cheshire cat especially.

    I am currently doing Tam's Fabulous Faces course and have two more to work through. I love them.

  18. these painting are so lovely! I love that there are so many opportunities to take art courses now, at any time and any place! you're doing great work :)

  19. Both are fabulous and so much

  20. wonderful purple creations for the summer of colour - I loved this week too as I love purple!!!! Your gorgeous Alice made me smile!

  21. Amazing! I love your soft purple this week and the cheshire cat is a perfect addition! Thanks too for all the workshop information - I am a HUGE willowing fan - love this, xo

  22. Adorable picture of Miss Alice. Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting on my blog!

  23. Love your cards...very creative...

  24. Anonymous28 July, 2011

    Oh I LOVE 'Alice; themed art! I love both of your cards and I actually thought it was watercolor until I read it was acrylic. It has a beautiful blended look. ~Scarlett

  25. I love your purple art, especially Kitty and Me.

    Great tips for all those classes! They all sound brilliant. Thanks!


  26. LOVE seeing your girlies :)(and your cute cats)
    Thanks for the classes info. I'm a willowing fan too, and i really fancy doing a Christy Tomlinson
    class, will have to take a peek at your other recommendations too :)
    Jan x

  27. I like both of your purple cards. Alice is so cute. Thanks for the information about all the workshops. It is a big help.

  28. Wow you always have fun pieces to share and a huge thank you for taking the time to post these great online art classes. I must have a peek at some of these.

  29. Wonderful purple alice...I like the effect of the thinned down acrylics. :) nan


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