Monday, June 6, 2011

Searching for a soul

In my previous blog posts I’ve been talking about my painting process. Last time I mentioned I stop painting when I feel like it’s enough. Now you’re probably asking, when do you know when it’s enough? The truth is there are no rules and it’s different for everyone. Ten people could be looking at the same painting process and each would feel “the enough” at a different time.

Here is where my “little spirit” comes to play once again. And it’s a little trickster this “little spirit” because it won’t whisper a clear message in my ear like, “You’re done! Go out and play or celebrate with that chocolate you’ve been hiding from yourself the whole week. ” No, it won’t.

But it might tell me, “wow this looks awesome let’ just look at it for a while!” Or “I don’t wanna do this anymore. It’s boring!” Or I go blank. My “little spirit” is gone to play with someone else and I’m left there standing and wondering what to do next.

The fact is I’ll probably never get a clear message that I’m done. I just have to make that decision and live with it. It’s that simple.

Another lesson I’ve learned that works for me is to step away. If I’m making too many choices that don’t end up working on the canvas, I just step away and I’m done painting for that day. Sometimes all it takes is one wrong choice for me to back off. If my “little spirit” is messing with me I leave it alone to get some rest. I come back the next day or even next week with fresh eyes and see where the painting will take me.

The soul searching for me is looking at a painting and searching for something. Anything. You can “see” anything in the painting, for me it’s usually a face. It doesn’t have to be the whole face. It could be just a round shape or an outline of an eye or a lock of hair. The painting is usually the one that tells me where I have to put something. I can even have a spot on the painting that I dislike and want to cover up. I look around it and try to imagine the figure in that place and decide if I like it there or not.

At this stage I have to think a little as before I told you I don’t have to. :) I have a background that I like and now I need to envision the possibilities it holds. And I do the same if I don’t find anything in the shapes of the background. I don’t get hung up on “seeing” something. I try and if it’s nothing there I imagine it. I can look at it for 3 days or 3 minutes. It doesn’t matter.

I play with possibilities in my mind and envision each one. The “little spirit” will tell me which one is right. I’ll need to name this “little spirit” as it keeps popping up. :) Any suggestions?

And now let me introduce Mrs. Perfect to you. :) You've seen her as a work in progress past Wednesday. The painting is titled “I watched her blossom”.

She started as an innocent child like soul and then she transformed into this beautiful young lady that follows her heart and reaches for her dreams. I watched her blossom from a bud to this breathtaking flower that grew past everyone’s expectations. But I knew she was perfect all along. :)

The background is spray painted and then the rest is collaged on top. The ruffles or whatever that might be are made with Golden’s coarse molding paste which gives it a nice texture. The rest is magic.:)


  1. Great painting! Love the had with all those fingers, too! Hugs, Valerie

  2. Kako luštna princeska!

  3. Beautiful paintings and you are so right it is difficult to leave it alone and wait, but so much better if you do. Annette x

  4. Ohhhhh lovely painting!!! I really enjoy hearing about the process. Love all those different style and materials. I'm working on a bit of a mixed media piece at the moment and really trying to push myself to try new things. Your work really inspires me :0)

  5. Kolk je luštkanaaa! :)

  6. She is a real beauty - you and your little spirit did a great job.

  7. Ah-Natasha--she IS perfect--you are blossoming just as she did. And I so agree with you--the best that works for me is to just stop and wait until the next day--what a difference that makes!
    (and thanks to a couple of people who commented on my blog on how to leave comments--I now can comment normally, no thanks to Blogger :)

  8. pravljico, pravljico, še eno pravljico... potem bom čiiiiisto zares zaspala... :)

  9. Oh she is lovely. I love the name of the piece too! Thanks for explaining your process!

  10. Anonymous06 June, 2011

    She's lovely Natasha. Love how your faces are becoming even more you. You're so beautiful and you did the doll proud! Thank you so much!

  11. just sweet as can be, natasha. i am in love with your chins! xo

  12. oh it is so cute...what a nice it so much...happy to meet you during this summer of color!!!

  13. She's just fabulous - and I LOVE seeing how you put the painting all together!


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